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  1. Leaving the Island for another holiday with someone who is very dear to me.
  2. Hey Charles ............ get better soon!!!!!!
  3. JPP65


    I always look up the meaning of my dreams. dream dictionary This site is usually pretty good.
  4. I have wanted to say this for a long time. You get what you give. The energy you give off is what you get back. Maybe women don't ask you out because of what they are thinking/feeling ( this guy is a jerk/loser and dosn't care about anyone but himself) People can pick up on all kinds of energy.....negative, positive, ect. with in the first 5 min of meeting someone you know if it's going farther or not. Spats you really need to change your views on how to treat people. If you want to be treated nice ( drinks, dinner bought for you) you are going to have to do it first and MEAN IT!!!! be ni
  5. I had red beans and rice for the first time last week and loved it. I made it for supper tonight and I must say it turned out really good. Doc you can eat your beans anyway you like
  6. Red beans and rice!!! Yum!!
  7. Only eight more days till I'm on Holiday!!
  8. Hunting Nazis: Conspiracies to Kill Hitler on the discovery channel
  9. A Christmas Story. I'm watching it right now. I love the part when Flick gets his tongue stuck on the pole. The bully Scott with yellow eyes and Ralph beats the crap out of him at the end.
  10. A few photos from the June 24th 2007 concert in Burnaby B.C.
  11. I can see why you haven't found anyone yet.
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