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  1. Leaving the Island for another holiday with someone who is very dear to me.
  2. Only eight more days till I'm on Holiday!!
  3. Hunting Nazis: Conspiracies to Kill Hitler on the discovery channel
  4. A few photos from the June 24th 2007 concert in Burnaby B.C.
  5. Playing online poker again. I haven't played in a few months, forgot how much I love this game.
  6. And how do you know that sloppy joe?
  7. thanks......I will defiantly buy it soon.
  8. Phoning my most favourite person in the world this morning and making plans to go visit him.
  9. I love my melons too......there spectacular Thanks sloppy joe
  10. I always buy myself flowers, I can't help it. I love them,and they smell wonderful in the house.
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