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  1. Did you took that Led Zeppelin photo?

  2. Hi new friend! :)

  3. hey whats going on? :)

  4. I'm exhausted glad the weekend is here and Thanks! Have a safe weekend!

  5. Yea its spell different. With an IE no Y. Have a safe weekend! :)

  6. we both have the same name. heh

  7. Hope your well girl! :)

  8. Hey! Nice to meet you Michael. How are you? sorry I didn't reply to you last night I was tired and went to bed. :)

  9. Heeey Tiff! How you been?

  10. Hi SteveAJones did you went to the Dallas concert last night?

  11. `Lo

    i love your about me!

  12. where are you!?


  13. sadly no $$$ ;[ I WISH!!!!! maybe next year...

  14. Have you been to Graceland<3 ?

  15. `Lo

    Do you know when its out??

  16. `Lo

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I've always liked Rodney shirt and look at Jimmy smile!
  17. `Lo

    Man, i wish too. So, no i have not. ;[ Have you seen It Might Get Loud the movie?

  18. `Lo

    of course. so, have you ever met jimmy?


  19. `Lo

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    what!? Already Ex?
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