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  1. Hopefully a better film than Godzilla Not bad- seems like a pretty cool version... http://youtu.be/gsjtg7m1MMM
  2. Oh wow! I've been a Bill Sienkiewicz fan since the early 1980s (Moon Knight, Daredevil, New Mutants)- his artwork has just been amazing. This is so cool!
  3. Happy Birthday Robert! Celebrating- I started the day listening to "I Believe" and end it listening to "Ten Years Gone" Knebworth and then "Rock and Roll" (O2).
  4. I was listening to Q104 in NYC last night and "Lonely Is The Night" came on. Boy, did it sound like he and his band were channeling Zeppelin- like a free-form jam on "Nobody's Fault But Mine".
  5. Wow ledded1- go ahead and blow every paycheck! (Easy for me to say.) Have fun!
  6. Spot on. Great point about "Four Sticks". Cannot wait for the next Zeppelin-event. Looking forward to getting together and enjoying more music soon! Hate to have to wait!
  7. I heard the strains of the song while I was watching and thought "how cool that they're evoking LZ here"- I thought it was music intended to sound like "In The Evening". Then the song kicked in. This capped off a tremendous weekend of Zeppelin after just having seen Robert at the Prospect Park show in Brooklyn the night before. Totally cool!
  8. WHAT a show! Open with "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You", then perhaps the best version of "In The Mood" EVER. Great terrific and especially enjoyed "Friends" and "Four Sticks". Robert in BROOKLYN! Loved it! After the show, got a chance to meet up with SuperDave, MiddleZep, and FrontRowDave. Glad to hang out and meet you guys! Thanks and look forward to seeing you again soon!
  9. Nice seats Wolfman and Super Dave! I'll be "making do" with 25th row. (edited- i used wrong emoticon from my phone.)
  10. Getting psyched for this! The weather forecast looks PERFECT for this show! Having attended a few shows at the Prospect Bandshell, this will simply be amazing to see Robert in this venue. Can't wait!
  11. Hi SuperDave! My wife and I along with my die-hard Zeppelin fan sister are going! Can't wait- for us it's just awesome that this concert is happening just a few blocks from my house! I would love to meet up prior to the show- looks like I will be able to get the venue around 6 or so.
  12. The Brooklyn Prospect Park show is a 15 minute walk from my house! Happy happy joy joy!!!
  13. "The next studio album"? Maybe solo albums for Robert or Jimmy. While extremely unlikely, if they all get together and record new material- would they call it Led Zeppelin after 3 decades of saying Led Zeppelin without Bonzo ISN'T Led Zeppelin? The 02 was FANTASTIC- don't get me wrong. For a one-off, once-in-a-lifetime shot that honored their legacy, I can appreciate wanting to call it "Led Zeppelin" as opposed to "3 guys who used to be in the world's greatest rock band + a family member" (hard time fitting on the tickets, programs, t-shirts and DVD box labels ). Continuing in that vein? That contradicts all the (good IMHO) arguments made (mostly by Robert) over the last 33 years as to why Led Zeppelin was done. All of that said- it's their lives, their name, their band. As a fan, if they decide that reforming Led Zeppelin (using the name or not) is what they want- terrific (for them as well as us)! If they decide no or all of this is Robert continuing to have fun with the never-ending clamor and naive reporters, that's cool too. Would be great to hear the music the 3 J's cooked up at some point for sure.
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