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  1. Strider- so many thanks for posting this. Must be something in the air- this is the 3rd item I've seen about the Troubadour (inlcuding discussion of LZ's 1st trip there) in the past week. Very cool! Love seeing/hearing Geezer continue to play...
  2. Interesting. If indeed it's JB would love to know the backstory of how he came to play on this track. "Everybody CLAP"- with the singer's body movements & emphasis seems like a good euphemisim for something else!
  3. Agree with 'bigzepfan'- a fantastic show last night! I was there in the front row, right orchestra- show was really tight and paid great homage to such tremendous music. It was better than I hoped or expected. For me the highlights of the night were 'The Lemon Song', 'How Many More Times', 'SIBLY', 'I'm Gonna Crawl', and an absolutely unbelievable 'Moby Dick' from Jason. Best drum solo I've ever seen (never got to see Bonzo in the day). Jason is just really, really good and I'm sure he does and is doing his dad proud. The lead guitarist Tony Catania (sp?) was excellent- he did great justice to Jimmy's music. The singer James can wail and nails it on a bunch of songs (SIBLY is a great example) I loved the fact that we were all there in celebration of some of the best music in rock and roll- just a truly cool night of sharing great songs played by someone who grew up in/with it. The videos and short stories made the evening feel more like a gathering of friends and less a concert. Jason just seems genuinely touched, humbled, and thrilled to be sharing the music and experience. I'm just so glad the band really sounds great- just makes hearing the music so much fun. If you have the chance to go don't miss it! Congrats to Jason- great job!
  4. I'm with you ninelives- I don't think there's a number to cross from being acceptable to unacceptable in terms of how many Zep songs get played. The only thing I think that happens/can happen from them playing a bunch of numbers as opposed to only a few is the continual refueling of the calls for a reunion- just renews the want in a lot of people's hearts I think.
  5. Tonight on "The Colbert Report" Stephen Colbert talking about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying (as a joke obviously) that he was "from the land of the ice and snow". If you watch the show it's in the the first 3 minutes or so.
  6. Thanks for posting! Sounds like it was a great time!
  7. Unfortunately I had an emergency conflict and couldn't go to the Jeff Beck NYC show(s). Anybody else here manage to catch the show? An interesting aside- I looked on craigslist.com to see what tickets were being offered for. More than a few posts were saying that Jimmy definitely playing (bs obviously but maybe helped the sellers get more $$...)
  8. Agreed! (although I admit I'm biased- I still thought they rocked.) Personally I thought it was the heaviest Master of Puppets I've ever heard from them- having both Jason & Rob together just made it crazy heavy. Kirk- oh man, he was just absolutely shredding! And for someone who's been pretty bored with 'Enter Sandman' as of late- this version just blew me away. This after Jeff & Jimmy jammed out... again wow- what a great evening! Looking forward to seeing Beck live here in NYC on Thursday night- will post what I hear when I get a chance.
  9. I don't think it was T-Bone either; I thought he was one of the guys from Paul Shaffer's band from Late Show with David Letterman...
  10. Absolutely! What a blast! It was great to hear everyone together on that one, although it looked like Jimmy demurred at the end to not do a solo as if to not upstage the others. Too bad- I'd have loved to see Jimmy solo on that even if only for a few bars. Great night!
  11. My wife just called me from a public atrium near Trump Tower in New York City (she was on lunch break) to tell me there was a high school marching band performing and they were in the middle of playing "Stairway to Heaven"! She held the phone up- sounded decently good (for a marching band version of the song anyway...). So it's not Zeppelin themselves, but still, it's pretty funny and definitely an unrelated place (certainly an unexpected one).
  12. Yikes. Good point. Poorly-conceived drink names aside- Happy St. Patrick's Day all!
  13. Definitely! Especially considering the context of the blog entry- the Obelisk picture/theme isn't exactly Norman Rockwell-ish (which I thought the point of the entry was to point back to that time...)
  14. Good point- agreed. It comes with the territory... Great territory to be in!
  15. Unfortunately, petitions and lawsuits may not do much- Sirius/XM is on the verge of declaring bankruptcy... Too bad really... http://www.reuters.com/article/businessNew...=23&sp=true Of course, this (putting Zep back on) could be a way to keep/entice more listeners too (ie. want more of your favorite band? Sign up for another 12 months!). I know that I am listening less to Sirius now that the Led Zeppelin channel went off the air; even though I have my iPod loaded it was cool to get the random airplay with an occasional rare gem thrown in. Guess we'll see what happens; I'm just not expecting executives and/or shareholders dealing with a company in this financial position to care a lot about die-hard Zep fans and putting a channel we love back on the air- they probably figure we're not going to save the company one way or the other. That said- I'd sign a petition- not sure about a lawsuit though.
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