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  1. I taped that HOF induction show but at some point taped over it. Oh well. In hindsight I'm glad they forgot their friends phone number because if they had toured as Zep in '95 I would not have gotten a ticket. I didn't exactly camp out at the ticket outlet for '95 Page/Plant but still got a ticket. That was a sharp show.
  2. The comparison was not made to the degree of loss but rather family/personal relationships. There's an article about Bonzo in Guitar World February 2006 that should get my point across perhaps better than I stated. It backs up the whole reason behind my posting of the thread. Things were not all hunky dorry in Zep land after '75. And it seems as if the problems weighed most heavily on Plant. It suggests that Robert may have been close to quitting Zep after his son died. At any rate, I think the seeds were there to leave Zep. And if Bonham hadn't passed those seeds may have come to fruition shortly thereafter anyways. Jimmy does say that Bonham is irreplaceable but in a 1990 interview he said he would do Zeppelin again if it was done properly.(He doesn't say-no Bonham no Zeppelin). I think its hard for Jimmy to put Zeppelin behind him. When you think of the Zeppelin catalog; its just an awesome body of work for a guitarist--simply classic songs, riffs, and solos--plus; those songs were specifically composed for Robert's vocal qualities. So, even though he agreed to disband Zep; I'm sure he was also sad to see Robert go as well. I didn't mean to knock Robert or blame him. Disbanding Zep was probably a wise and healthy decision. It could've been Jimmy that passed on instead of or as well as Bonham. The atmosphere that was once fun had perhaps become decadent and disturbing. At any rate, if Bonham had lived I still don't think Zeppelin would've made it intact out of the 1980s for myriad reasons. Ok I think I'm done.
  3. My original post did not involve a denial of that media statement. Our cat "Fluffy" dies and we are obviously upset; all of us. But my daughter takes it very hard. My wife and I know that time heals all wounds. In time, perhaps, we will get a new one. My daughter does not want to hear this. So, our official statement to family and friends is that we as a family have decided not to get a new pet because we stick together as a family. However, "Debbie" seems to be coming around now. Jimmy and Jonesy were ready to go out as Zeppelin and tour in 2007. And when it didn't happen it seemed as if they left Robert holding the bag to the media. What did he say? I wish the 3 Js well in what they decide to do? Time is getting short. Did they pull out some stops to try to convince Robert? I could accept that 1980 statement at face value if they all had stuck to it but obviously they all have not. It is my impression that Jimmy would've done Zeppelin again a long time ago(perhaps sometime mid to late 80s). Nor do I believe Jimmy and Robert were in agreement to leave John Paul Jones out of the Unledded project. I think that was Robert's decision. Was the unanimity breaking down even then? Again, I don't blame Robert at all. To do Zeppelin now might not be wise. Especially since it was "fired by youth".
  4. Of course he should. I don't blame him if he choses not to do Zeppelin.
  5. Except Robert was more intent on keeping it that way? I don't blame him but I think reasons beyond Bonham's passing contributed.
  6. Hello. I'm not sure what relation Robert's solo career bares to the decision. Would you say that Jimmy had an equal desire to end the band? I do not get that impression. Again, I believe that in Zeppelin Jimmy found his ultimate bandmates. Yes, Bonham was gone but I do not believe he wanted to split with Robert; he merely had no choice.
  7. Thanks for the answer. However, hasn't that unanimous decision changed? Of course that is the official report that had to be made. I'm sure the fellas don't tell everything that happens between them and if Robert was the most staunch about not continuing Zeppelin would Jimmy then throw him to the media and create an unmendable rift? When the Unledded project happened was it a unanimous decision between Jimmy and Robert to "Forget their friend's phone number?" If I had to guess I would say that Robert did not want Jones involved and Jimmy had no choice otherwise he loses Robert altogether. Its just that unanimous decision makes me wonder since it seems that Page and Jones have thrown it to the wayside.
  8. I hadn't thought much about this until the O2 reunion and it seems that its Robert that is the only one who won't do a full blown Zep come back. And it has probably always been this way since Bonham's death which leads me to wonder if the seeds to end Zep were already planted in Robert's mind before Bonzo passed away. I can only speculate. Others might have a better take on what I have to say. I see the early Zep as a young and hungry band with a lot of fire and creativity( some of this I take from bootleg recordings of early to later years). In the later years it seems that substance abuse was becoming as issue(the fire and creativity dwindling?). The rock and roll lifestyle had already had its casualties and in the later years two names closer to Zep had passed in Elvis and Keith Moon. I can only imagine what the whole atmosphere was like even beyond the members of the group. I believe Robert's son passed away while he was on the road with Zeppelin. A terrible thing but even more so when a parent is unable to be there. An event such as this can cause one to re examine one's priorities. Already having a fill of fame and fortune for a decade what matters money and fame? The hugeness of Zeppelin may have also become a burden to freshness as the demand to play certain songs ad nauseam continued from the fans. Bonzo and Robert were close no doubt and Robert loved having him as his drummer which may have kept Zep afloat of Bonzo had lived. But Bonzo's death may have been the last straw for a situation that was becoming languid. I don't believe that Robert was completely open about his reasons with Page and Jones. He simply and staunchly refused to go on as Zeppelin without Bonzo. The other members had no choice hence the group's statement. However, I do remember at the time rumours in some print media of other drummers being contacted. If these calls were made I do not believe Robert had anything to do with them. For Jimmy, I think that in Zeppelin he found his ultimate bandmates. He lost Bonzo and he did not want also to lose Robert so maybe he contacted other drummers. It seems that Jimmy and Jones would both do a Zep comeback so what to make of that group statement of being unable to continue without Bonham? Robert seems whimsical and elusive in interviews sometimes. Did he say that he sold his stake in Zeppelin a long time ago? I don't believe he actually sold anything. To have someone else control his image and music from Zep....no. Someone let someone in who would simply harangue Jimmy to put out archival material simply to milk the Zeppelin cash cow?...no. I don't see that. I merely read that as Robert saying he won't do a full blown Zep comeback and that his reasons are personal that go beyond Bonzo not being in the drum chair. And I don't blame him at all.
  9. Doesn't have a Zeppelin sound? Who said that? Back in the days when these guys were putting out Zeppelin albums do you think they asked if it had a "Zeppelin sound"? Many fans were disappointed when Zeppelin 3 came out because "it didn't have a Zeppelin sound". That's not what these guys are about. That said, I too was disappointed a bit by Walking into Clarksdale. I was expecting something else from Jimmy. But after listening to it for awhile a few of the songs really grew on me. It doesn't have the ooomph for real commercial success but as one poster noted some of Plants lyrics and feel have a poignant touch to them.
  10. Led Zeppelin 2 is really a crowning achievement; not only for the songs and the talent of the band but how the album sounds and holds up even today as compared to other hard rock groups of the time such as Cream, Jeff Beck Group, and Hendrix. On this one Jimmy's studio experience really paid off.
  11. I think Robert is a bit whimsical in his interviews sometimes. I imagine that having to constantly answer questions about Zep and being nailed down on a position can be a bit tiring. I don't think he can always give a yes or no answer. What will the next few years bring? Perhaps none of us want to commit to anything beyond whats before us-- A full blown Zep reunion--I don't see it happening. The "one off" for the right reason; perhaps. Even when Zep material was revisited in the Unledded project it was done in the spirit of reinventing the old numbers and not merely rehashing them. I think that was as close as Robert will come to engaging Zeppelin material on that scale(album and tour of mostly Zep songs).
  12. That looks more like Richard Cole. Grant should look more like Cartman. Grant as Cartman in TSRTS: Dammit! God Dammit! Stop selling pirated Zeppelin stuff! Grant really comes off as an A-hole in that segment. Sure, guys are pirating shit but does he have to get on a soap box and tell Americans how inefficient and greedy they are; trying to exploit Zeppelin for every dollar. I thought Grant was the one who squeezed promoters seriously for every dime by taking more cash for Zep shows than any other band did before them. And while Grant was hasseling the pirates someone made off with over $200,000 of Zeps money! I think the band members responded well to this when asked if they hated America; they said no, they love America. Anywho, did it really matter? At that point Zep was huge enough to print their own money. I myself have to thank some of the pirates out there for bootlegging Zep shows since the band did not care to record many of their performances--at least we have some history of those shows to listen to now.
  13. I don't think Chris Robinson has it. I did not like his performance with Jimmy and the Crowes; he came off as trying to act like Plant too much. I don't think he really has it vocally either. That whole concert pissed me off-I just wanted the Crowes to shut up(no disrespect to them but I'm not a fan) so I could hear Jimmy but I had no choice--if I wanted to see/hear Jimmy I had to put up with it.
  14. How about Steve-O from jackass? Jimmy can play bango as Steve-O enters the stage in high speed shopping cart. As he barrels over into the front row of fans the camera can catch their facial expressions as they learn Steve-O had intentionally crapped his diaper--great dvd moment!
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