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    bass playin!
  1. A good 80's MIJ would KILL a mexican any day of the week. you just gotta know which ones to look at. ;D
  2. holllllllllllllyyyyyy shit! its finally coming out! i bet its gonna sound like shit, and everyone is gonna say it sucks, and someone is gonna kill Axl.....yah, thats whats gonna happen
  3. I remember this place on the old forum! its still as crazy as it was, thats good! i quit about 3 months ago....and i still got the munchies! I will be checking back in later..... see yah then!
  4. I say screw the guitar and switch to bass! ok, soooo that may not be helping. try to see if you can find some MIJ fenders or Tokai's or Orvilles, my tokai love rock even beats some Gibson custom shop models, and it was only $1000.... it rocks!
  5. I've heard a lot about harke, are they good? I'm thinking bout a new Mesa head, though, cause i like the raw tubed sound. I love my J bass, its go such warm sound. much better than my P, i just dont have enough money to get another '72, i got lucky with mine.
  6. me too, I just feel lazy because i didn't join back up sooner.... but god damn its nice to be back, i can allready remember some people like 59lespaul....
  7. mmmm, that is orgasmic! my dream bass right there. a Stanley Clarke Signature Alembic!
  8. Im in a funk/jam band/ heavy blues type stuff. Mostly original, some covers. we do a smokin version of voodoo child, i get me a bass solo, and i go CRRRAAAZZZZYYYYYY.
  9. me too! I'd get me a Stanley Clarke signature. ohh, i got an old Ampeg, it pays the bills, if yah know what i mean! i also have a '73 Sunburst J bass that i turned into a fretless, like Jaco's
  10. lets see, i know like, 5 chords, soooo 1. Page(no duh, eh?) 2. Clapton 3. Hendrix 4. Hammett/ Hetfield 5. May 6. Di Meola( he is way too underated IMHO) 7. Santana 8. Collins 9. Perry 10. Garcia ...eh, dont even get me started on bass players.....
  11. I'm Canadian, originally from British Columbia, where no one lives! i love my country and after i finish Collage will be moving back to either Qubec or British Columbia....
  12. Well, as the title and my username suggest, I am a bass player. And I'm 22 and i curentley live in Boston, going to collage. my main bass for all you gear junkies is a '82 5 string P bass. its so sweet sounding, i get a great slap and pop out of it. I WAS a member of the old Led Zeppelin forum before they moved.... and the only person i remember was even, or was it evrett.... oh well, i remeber him well, we had alot of music talks.... The reason i joined is because John Paul Jones is a HUGE part of my style, and if it wasnt for Led Zeppelin and John, i probably wouldnt be playing bass right no
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