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  1. I respect you Pinky. Thanks for your comments. (Melody doesn't suck, its just not good all the time)
  2. I was being sarcastic. Any way, melody sucks, and so does rap.
  3. um, I didn't mean to offend you pinky. sorry if my music isn't constructive enough for you. I'm gonna keep it how it is.
  4. well, album sales, not playing pop etc. ( I know that most of the bands I've mentioned are pretty popular....) Thanks!
  5. Not really. I'm not a guy who likes the music of corporations. I'm pretty underground really.
  6. Bayside is a pretty cool alternative/punk band.
  7. Aaaand the majority of people here are like 30+ years older than us.


    But be careful. I don't want to have to tell you about… Joel.


  8. I'm in a band called Grind, and I'm the lead guitarist. We play metal.
  9. Thanks guys. I listen to bands like Bayside, Korn and Slipknot. The music that goes along with this song is pretty heavy, like Zakk Wylde on steroids.
  10. You're asking for death with the "I don't even like Led Zeppelin very much" thing. Haaaaa

  11. Oh. There is absolutely no connection. I don't even listen to the Beatles.
  12. Do you like it? (I worked hard on it)
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