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  1. I know that on the old date you would be able to collect the tickets the day before. I was wondering if someone could give me the dates and the times for collecting tickets.
  2. My dad went to the O2 today and he said they was as confussed as a bunch of headless chickins. So once he got home he phoned Harvey Goldsmith and they said it was all fine as long as we have ID for us both.
  3. I'll be sure to tell you. I have school so should find out when i get home at about 4:30.
  4. We are with Barcleys and can't find a thing on the website but thanks for your help.
  5. Cheers but we've thought about that. We have till tommorow night to pay and I won't be able to get one in that time.
  6. I opened up my e-mails today today to find i had an e-mail from Ahmet Tribute. I started yelling at my dad (a big zeppelin fan) I won tickets.He didn't get it at first but once I explained it was for Zeppelin he over the moon. But I'm 15 and have no credit card. So have to use my dad's so we phone ticketmaster to see if this is ok. Well apparently not the card you use has to be in my name. The thing is my dad will be there right next to me getting the tickets. But the man wouldent accept it so my dads going to the O2 tommorow to give them a piece of his mind.
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