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  1. yeah im Robert hehe =) wow fantastic to see such collectors as you! Do you have any pictures on your tickets? i have just bought a 1969 tour program so im pretty happy right now haha =) take care!
  2. How many different suits did he use over the years? any pics?
  3. WOW! thats cool man! thanks for showed me them
  4. as the topic say! i wonder how many tour programs did led zeppelin have? i want to start to collect as many as i can get. I have seen the earls court program. Is there many more? Thanks /Robert
  5. Thanks man for the response! i didnt know if this was the right forum to ask, i thought people would be angry if i asked here =P well thanks anyway mate! /Robert
  6. Hi everyone! i wonder how much can this vinyl be worth? http://www.tradera.com/Very-rare-LED-ZEPPE...uktion_86706456 /Robert
  7. Is there any good documentarys out there about zeppelin on dvd? i personally love documentarys and would love to see a documentary that cover the whole zeppelin career. /Robert
  8. I feel the same as you! my least favorite albums is houses of the holy and i even like CODA more. I dont like Dyer Maker and Dancing Days.
  9. It's always funny to hear these things! i have always thought that the 77 tour they did was the most decadence but i might be wrong...keep em coming
  10. Hi everyone! i know zeppelin lived the life of decadence in the 70´s. Does anyone know any speciall tour memories they can tell me about....i mean like crazy stuffs the zep members did on tours...im really looking forward to hear some funny stuff =) /Robert
  11. Hello everyone! i wonder, does anyone know how many soundboard there is out there? i used to be an hardcore elvis fan, but lately i have discovered zeppelin more and more. Im very intressted to know how many soundboard från 1975 to 1977 is out there? Take care
  12. Thank you guys for the answers! Im really into bootlegs, and i really want to get all the concert that were pro filmed. i Also saw a cd box where all the albums where in, anyone know if its good? http://www.amazon.com/Complete-Studio-Reco...4057&sr=8-5
  13. Hi everyone! im a new zeppelin fan and i wonder wich stuff i should get first? i want to start to collect zeppelin stuffs. I have just started to get the albums on vinyl, Anyone else have any tips? Take Care /Robert
  14. Thank you for the great tips! i will try to find them, i dont know but i find the year 1975 most intresting in the zep catalog. Does the earl courts performances exicst in soundboard audio?
  15. Thank you for the reply! i will look for that bootleg! thanks again! /Robert
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