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  1. I'm sure some of you grew up listenin to Rory and his band Taste like I did. I think I've mentioned his personal influence on myself before, but it weren't for this guy, I would've missed out on a lot of great bluesy rock -- Zeppelin, Jimi, Stones, etc. Never had the opportunity to see him live but they just released his entire catalogue on iTunes and Amazon There's a lot to choose from but let me know what you guys think
  2. Anyone heard of the new Heaven and Hell DVD coming out? It was shot at the Wacken festival during Dio's last tour. It sucks i will never get a chance to see him live but i found a clip of
  3. Literally and figuratively...For any rolling stones fans, Ronnie Wood (their guitarist) just released a new solo album - http://amzn.to/9QMkz7. His voice still sounds like cigarettes + alcohol but rocks pretty hard for a 63 year old. Let me know what you guys think of the album. I think fancy pants is my favorite track so far..
  4. If you go by commercial radio then of course you would assume music sucks now but there are so many good bands out there you just gotta look for them
  5. Oh wow, that's awesome! I can't wait to get my hands on this documentary.
  6. So I just found out that they’re releasing a new documentary and album for one of my all time favorite musicians, Rory Gallagher, on 14th this month. I grew up listening to his solo stuff as well as his band stuff with Taste. His music is the main reason I’m such a huge fan of blues and blues rock. It’s tragic that he’s no longer with us, but I’m glad he’s still being remembered today. I’m really excited for these releases. I’m definitely going to preorder both the documentary http://amzn.to/roryG2dvd and the album http://amzn.to/rorygCD01 on amazon.
  7. I think not!.... Just stumbled upon this new band called Carney through a KROQ locals only show and they jammed! You can definitely hear the zeppelin, hendrix, and beatles influence and can grab a free download through vevo right now - http://bit.ly/cMJyXa. Let me know what you think of these guys
  8. Actually....YES! ...ok no but they do make it in free now =]. I don't know how it differs from the original app because i've already paid for it but check it out - http://bit.ly/bLJxVA
  9. Micki Free just came out with a new LP (http://bit.ly/cyA1P9). For those of you who don’t know who he is, he is a Grammy Award winning guitarist who was originally discovered by Gene Simmons. This guy is very legit and I highly recommend giving his new album a listen
  10. Has anyone downloaded the Six String app? http://bit.ly/bLJxVA Its pretty amazing and if your a fan of Tap Tap Revenge you will think this is way better. Instead of just tapping your fingers on your i touch, you are actually playing the guitar! If you ever wanted to learn, here is how haha My friends and I really enjoy playing "Livin on a prayer" but I am still trying to master "Just A Girl" I totally recommend for y'all rock enthusiasts out there
  11. the link didnt work for me. I thought it didnt post, sorry thats why I reposted. I still cant find it.
  12. Been listening to this song from Bucket and Co. called "Girl of my Dreams" cuz I found out it has Spike from Quireboys on it. I love them, and this song rocks. There's a clip of it on http://www.myspace.com/bucketco. Thought I'd share.
  13. Hey all, my friend just sent me the link to Bucket and Co’s Myspace http://www.myspace.com/bucketco. I really like most of the stuff he has on there and am really looking forward to his upcoming album Guitars, Beers & Tears…. What do you all think?
  14. Hey guys, one of my friends showed me Black Sabbath’s new “Paranoid” dvd. I went ahead and preordered it… it looks pretty sweet though. There are supposed to be interviews with Ozzy and stuff. Here it is if you guys are interested http://amzn.to/sabbathDVD
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