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  1. My parents gave me a weird look for a while when I first asked (I finally got my whole stereo system hooked up last May), but then they just gave in. We'll have company over, and they'll be like, "Oh yeah, there's our sixteen year old daughter. All she does is sit in her room and obsess over bands, guitars, and vinyl." There isn't anything wrong with that, really. My neighbour was nice enough to give me his turntable that he didn't use, and my father had some speakers from the 1980's that he's had around forever that weren't being used, as well as a reciever. Anyways, it's definitely worth getting. I'd say keep asking, because it's really the greatest thing. I've got upwards of 200 records, now, and I'll probably never stop collecting. My parents get annoyed, though, because all I keep talking about is how I'd like to go to NYC (only about thirty minutes away) to get some new vinyl. Ah, at least I start driving tomorrow. I can take myself, I guess. I got a bunch of nice things for Christmas (a stainless steel whistling tea kettle, a guitar case, a bunch of giftcards, Mothership, the Page & Plant Unledded DVD, etc.) , but I definitely did not expect a guitar amp! Really nice surprise; I'm so pleased with it.
  2. analog

    Best song off Houses of the Holy

    For me, it's got to be 'The Rain Song'.
  3. analog

    The Beatles thread

    I love the Beatles, they're one of my favourite bands. I love them for completely different reasons than Zep, and although Zeppelin remains my favourite band, I don't think they're comparable to the Beatles in any way. I actually just watched Help! with a friend today. I've never really found it possible to pick a favourite Beatles song.
  4. analog

    What Made You Happy today?

    My friend came over and we watched the Beatles movie Help! and exchanged gifts, which was nice. She got me this nice scarf (part of the proceeds go towards helping the environment, which was neat) and this awesome wallet. Since we don't go to the same school, I never see her, so it was really nice.
  5. analog

    Cell Phone Etiquette

    Oh god, I hate those fucking Bluetooth things. I was buying a magazine the other day, and this guy says, (I thought he was talking to me, because he was looking right at me) "Do you want to go to Jamaica?" and I was kind of thinking he was a bit of a creep at this point, so I walked over to the music DVD's, where I ran into him again, and he says, "I think it's a nice spot for a vacation," and then I realised he was talking into his Bluetooth earpiece. Not only does it make the person wearing it look like an idiot, but it also is a bit annoying, especially when you think people are talking to you. I understand it's convenient for when you're driving, but outside of the car it's just stupid. Also, I used to work at a supermarket, and people would come to the checkout on their phones. I'm trying to get their savings card, and they're like, "SHH! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M ON THE PHONE?" I'm not one to get angry, but WHY THE HELL ARE YOU FOOD SHOPPING IF YOU ARE ON THE PHONE?
  6. analog

    Legacy's Signature Shop (Free!)

    Thanks so much. Wow, just goes to show that one program can do so much. I use Photoshop all the time, but mostly for editing and photography related stuff. I really should learn to do more with it.
  7. analog

    Legacy's Signature Shop (Free!)

    Wow, these are fantastic. If you've got time (honestly, it could be whenever, I'm in no rush) I'd love to have a Led Zeppelin one, if you're willing. Or if you can find a nice picture of a Stratocaster or a Telecaster that'd be awesome. Great job with these! Just a question, what program do you use to make these?
  8. analog

    Hot Pictures of Jimmy and Robert

    Hey. It is... I wonder if they chose to do that, or if it was Halfin that told them to? Actually, there are quite a few pictures (not just of Robert and Jimmy) where I wonder what the hell is going on.
  9. analog

    What Makes Jimmy Page Sexy!

    It's right in the beginning, at around 0:09 seconds in. It's pretty quiet, so turn up the volume quite a bit, and then try listening for it again. My friend tried so hard to hear it, and still couldn't, so what I did was I took my sound editing software and literally cut out the exact second (or fraction thereof) and saved it as an MP3; finally, after I did that she was able to hear it.
  10. analog

    Hot Pictures of Jimmy and Robert

    I'm sure everyone has seen these, but here are a few of my favourites: This picture amuses me so much. That's all for now. I need to try to get some sleep, seeing as I haven't done so in a few days. I'll try and find some more pictures to post, soon.
  11. John Paul's face... oh my god. I am still laughing.
  12. analog

    What's your fave Christmas decoration?

    I used to love decorating for Christmas, but not so much anymore. I love lights outside, though. The icicle ones especially. My parents have so many Santa figurines and statues that I could vomit, though. Honestly. Everywhere you go. Santa fishing, Santa and a reindeer, vacation Santa. I think there used to be one that would talk when you walked past it, but it started creeping everyone out too much, so we sold it at a yard sale. Wreaths are nice, too.
  13. analog

    What Makes Jimmy Page Sexy!

    Already been mentioned, but oh my god his hands. And when he says fuck in the beginning of 'Friends'. Oh god, I have a thing about people saying fuck.
  14. Achilles Last Stand The Rain Song Your Time Is Gonna Come > Black Mountain Side In The Light How Many More Times
  15. Hmm, my radio station played 'For Your Life' from the O2 concert last night during their Get The Led Out show, but the radio DJ said it was an audience recording (sounded like what I've heard, anyways)... so nothing new there, really. I'm just curious as to how they get the authorisation to play audience recorded bootlegs?
  16. analog

    What song was No.1 on the day you were born?

    I'm Too Sexy, by Right Said Fred. Oh dear. The 90's were not the most fun to grow up in. D:
  17. Yeah, I was disappointed that they didn't play The Rain Song, especially since they did play The Song Remains The Same. Not that I'm saying they have to go together, but they were played sequentially for so many years...
  18. analog

    Do you want Zepp in an Arena near you?

    I absolutely hate where I live, but I'm grateful I'm literally a 45 minute drive from Madison Square Garden and about 3 other great venues.
  19. analog

    Hard-Fi brand Led Zeppelin 'dinosaurs'

    If they think 100 pounds is expensive for a ticket (for charity, no less) then where the hell were they during the Rolling Stones 'A Bigger Bang' tour? Those were fucking expensive tickets, and they weren't going to charity. And as for calling them dinosaurs? Les Paul is 92 and he still plays all the time in New York. So does age matter? I don't think so.
  20. analog

    How's The Weatrher?

    Cold, and there's a little snow on the ground now. It's supposed to snow all next week, though. I'm excited.
  21. analog

    The Official [i]House[/i] Appreciation Thread

    Oh, what would Tuesdays be without House? Gosh, there are so many good quotes... From the pilot episode that got me hooked in the first place, though, I've always loved this one: Dr. Lisa Cuddy: Your reputation won't last if you don't do your job; the clinic is part of your job. I want you to do your job. Dr. Gregory House: But as the philosopher Jagger once said "You can't always get what you want." I'm loving this season so far.
  22. analog

    Rap Lyrics Expressed in Charts & Graphs

    I haven't laughed all day. Thank you so much for posting this! The 'time spent being high' pie chart made me laugh for at least five minutes and then I scrolled down, and there was the one of the blimp, at which I stopped breathing because I was laughing so hard.
  23. analog

    What are you listening too

    China Cat Sunflower : Grateful Dead
  24. analog

    Rank Your Top 10 LZ Songs

    I can't really have a top ten, it's impossible. I will say that The Rain Song is my favourite song ever, and that I love Tea For One with a fervent passion. I guess my top ten for today would go something like this: 1. The Rain Song 2. Traveling Riverside Blues 3. Tea For One 4. Achilles Last Stand 5. No Quarter 6. Your Time Is Gonna Come 7. For Your Life 8. Ten Years Gone 9. In The Light 10. The Rover (I've listened to Physical Graffiti twice, today. Quite unusual since I am usually listening to Presence or Houses of the Holy) But a solid top ten would be too hard for me. Even just for today, this was difficult.