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  1. http://www.discovermyrtlebeach.com/hardroc...elintheride.cfm
  2. Not sure about these. Do these look like originals or copies?
  3. I'd like to see something like Zappa's Beat the Boots sets, "official" releases of the better bootlegs.
  4. "Wearing and Tearing" was performed by Plant and Page at Knebworth 1990. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ3nLZ_J04c
  5. If Page ever releases the Knebworth footage as a complete DVD, I hope he doesn't use the film transfers that he used on the 2003 DVD. I have some of that footage in its original video format, from the Whole Lotta Zep weekend that MTV had years ago to promote the first box set, and it looks far better. Video-to-film transfers never look that great, in my opinion.
  6. This topic has already been posted elsewhere on the forum.
  7. He talked about the possibilty of penning his memoirs. It was either in Guitar World or Classic Rock. I'd have to go searching through all of my back issues to find the exact quote. In the same paragraph, he talked about once climbing out of a hotel window and sitting on top of the air conditioner.
  8. Can't remember where I read this - maybe someone else here can remember - a few years back in an interview, Plant said that he was embarrassed about all those "ooh baby"s and wished he could go back and erase them from the recordings. And isn't the Sun the one that shows titties on page 6?
  9. Oh...didn't read the title of this thread carefully. I thought Robert was breaking someone's cherry.
  10. From the new issue of Guitar World: GW: Are you using your original gear? PAGE: I'm using some of the original guitars like my number-one Les Paul and the Doubleneck. I've got a Les Paul Custom that I'm pleased with. I haven't settled on what amps I'm using yet, but I'll be using the pedal board that I used on all the Plant/Page projects. The Les Paul Custom is featured in a sidebar article. It's a replica of the 1960 Custom that got stolen. You can see the original one in the Albert Hall concert. The major difference is it has a custom toggle switch that allows for extra pickup configurations. It's got a Bigsby too. Sweet!
  11. Thanks for the info. I have the 3:35 version. Didn't know about the hour-long version. Definitely interested in hearing it.
  12. Shit, that was fast. I just checked the page again less than 2 hours later and it's been taken down. Someone is paying attention.
  13. I noticed the chorus effect, too. I think Page took studio liberties with the sound on that one (as well as the theremin in "Whole Lotta Love"). He was probably trying to cover up the slightly detuned third string in the intro of "Stairway" since the remastered CD now uses the same intro. I also prefer the cuts of WLL and D&C that were on the original soundtrack. I always wince when I watch the movie during those bad edits, and I especially hate how they chop out most of the funk section in WLL. I think I might burn my own mix from the old and new versions of TSRTS just for that reason.
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