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  1. Yes, the LA and New York shows were probably the best of 1977! Tempe is probably the worst of the lot!
  2. I really like the epic 3 hour Seattle '72 show! I believe it was 6-19-72. Fantastic performance!!
  3. Very good pictures! thanks
  4. Mike's YES recording showed up on Dime the other day. Good stuff!
  5. Many thanks my dear fellow! I am only a few miles away "as the crow flies".
  6. Hello Mr. Poe, this show sounds like it rocks! Will you please send me a copy of this show?
  7. I picked up the vinyl and really like the raw sound of this mix! Kind of reaches out and grabs you. Good 60's music!
  8. AA is a standup guy in my opinion and is a Led Zeppelin live recording expert! I would trust him 100%.
  9. Exmortus is my favorite metal band! Incredible guitarists!!
  10. I heard from Andy this evening and he is touched and appreciative of your thoughts and prayers! Please keep 'em coming his way. He is grateful for his friends that care about him on this forum.
  11. I really enjoyed the album! Good, creative songs and effort!
  12. This is the ultimate super group in my opinion! I love them and their live recordings. Hope they come back soon. I would travel to see these guys!
  13. Thanks for the info! I need to go pick this one up. Any reviews from you two?
  14. Yep, thats the way I understood it also to elude the scalpers.
  15. St Valentines day massacre from Nassau 75 is quite fantastic. Jared, please pm me.
  16. St Valentines day massacre from Nassau 75 is quite fantastic. Melcore, please pm me.
  17. Kiss were and are still a good band! They put on great shows and MONSTER rocks hard!!! Check it out!
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