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  1. f2walsh

    Best Page & Plant boot

    Many thanks my dear fellow! I am only a few miles away "as the crow flies".
  2. f2walsh

    Newly found roll of Zeppelin photos - 06-10-77

    Thank you for the fantastic pics!
  3. f2walsh

    Best Page & Plant boot

    Hello Mr. Poe, this show sounds like it rocks! Will you please send me a copy of this show?
  4. Wow! That is a sweet Pittsburgh shirt!
  5. f2walsh

    Led Zeppelin II

    Fantastic stereo on II!
  6. I picked up the vinyl and really like the raw sound of this mix! Kind of reaches out and grabs you. Good 60's music!
  7. Yes, JPJ is very underrated! very talented musician
  8. f2walsh

    Hampton 1971

    AA is a standup guy in my opinion and is a Led Zeppelin live recording expert! I would trust him 100%.
  9. f2walsh


    Exmortus is my favorite metal band! Incredible guitarists!!
  10. f2walsh

    Robert Plant involved in "We Are Not Afraid" campaign

    Glad to see Robert involved in this org!
  11. So I have often wondered how Robert travels from gig to gig on his solo outings?
  12. f2walsh

    Robert Plant Travel Between Shows

    Thanks for the insight!
  13. f2walsh

    Knebworth VHS

    I remember when this vhs tape came out! Back in the day we were very blessed to see such a thing.
  14. Thanks for the heads up! That will be a great day for Zep fans.
  15. f2walsh

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Hello Walter, apantherfromd's name is most certainly not Del! He is one of the best guys that I know and I have known him since July 2007 or perhaps before. Apanther would give you the shirt off of his back if he had to do so! He cares about all!
  16. f2walsh

    What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    I heard from Andy this evening and he is touched and appreciative of your thoughts and prayers! Please keep 'em coming his way. He is grateful for his friends that care about him on this forum.
  17. f2walsh

    Walking Into Clarksdale - Rediscovered

    I really enjoyed the album! Good, creative songs and effort!
  18. f2walsh

    Robert Plant Performing Live in 2014

    Robert and his band were in fine form at the Roundhouse gig! They sounded very good! Embrace Another Fall totally kicked a**! ps - thank you Panther!
  19. f2walsh

    Your favorite guitar players (better than Page)

    No one is better than Pagey! Exclamation mark!
  20. f2walsh

    Bands you think are better than Zeppelin

    Zeppelin first thats all! Better than the Beatles, Stones, Who, Hendrix, Cream, etc...
  21. f2walsh

    Guitar on eBay

    But still a fine looking guitar!!
  22. Please see the link below and give your opinion if it is real or fake. Thanks! http://www.ebay.com/itm/380705515619?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
  23. f2walsh

    Some Peter Grant Pictures

    Thanks for sharing the great Peter pics! Wish he could have lived longer after he sobered up and ventured out.
  24. f2walsh

    What High School did You Attend?...

    I graduated from, "dear ole Pampa High School" in the year 1988. That is in Texas btw.