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  1. aged as page is,he is still probably somewhat vain,and some crucial mistakes by plant may be holding up the DVD release:who knows????
  2. I heard from a page interview{recent}that he still has the suits and the white77' has a 26'waistline!!!
  3. you are pretty much spot on with trying the song in 77',79',and 80'.the turnaround also seems hard because the change to the main song part is a gradual slowdown.they played it in 96',even with mistakes.actually ,thruout the song there are difficult speed-ups,not even a metronome could help.
  4. the problem is that robert got jimmys symbol just once,and jimmy said he would never tell robert again.some people claim various rune books have jimmys symbol.
  5. plant has made reference to playing glastonbury,and the krauss project is busy at that time.then,his bands of the last few years are in disarray.he does make a mild reference to zep,saying whomever is around hel'l play with.
  6. Ithink tea for one was half the speed of SIBLY.To me it resembles I'm gonna crawl,a real slow burner.to tell you the truth,when page played the TFI licks in SIBLY,I thought the song totally lost it's momentum.
  7. glad to hear so many enjoyed the firm.I saw them 5 times over 85-86'.I am a guitarist,and unfortunately jimmy seemed in a constant battle with his b-bender telecaster.I have a vhs of detroit 86' where page plays great,but the video is maybe B+.
  8. I could be wrong,but I think since robert is a lead vocalist,not a journeyman or back vocalist,he may have pushed his agenda onto alison,and the project may be on eggshells.remember,plant is the mighty arranger!!!!
  9. I think in 80' bonzo's furious thrashing would have sunk TFO.page on the other hand I don't think could manage the various overdubs.
  10. page's washburn dbl-neck,to my ears,because page is probably using the thinnest strigs possible,sounds like page is plucking rubber bands.a terrible,characterless tone.
  11. in musical terms,many page solos play a counter or paralell melody of the song.live,not really:jimmy has been criticized live for an offhand approach.
  12. at least in the englishmetal mag kerrang,page was interviewed about the firm,and the topic of greatest guitarist came up.page had no hesitation in naming hendrix,even stating his playing trumps any guitarist today.
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