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  1. Accuse someone of that you better be able to prove it. You don't know shit.
  2. No but the transparency of it shows right through to your real indentity ED KING ! People recognize you in 2 or 3 posts, not 69, by BORING Rod the Mod....
  3. He knows you're Ed King aka donkey etc., just like the rest of us. Are you trying to cover up your illness ? Oh and ginslobdrinkinVana....I thought JFK was killed by a Canandian from Vermillion Bay. You know, right on the road from Dryden to Kenora.
  4. How bout..... speed racer, donkey or ledzeprolls ? Geez that was a year ago wasn't it ?
  5. I think the best LA audience show is the 3-11-75 show. Whadaya think ?
  6. Shrimp Scampi and mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. I think I'll go back for seconds. Yumm Yumm...
  7. ^ Firin' Fatties are ya?
  8. And there are still people who don't believe racism is rampant across the country. It's not just the South either. Oh the naivety.
  9. Only after listening to the audience recording though, right ? Had to rib ya.
  10. William Henry Harrison. Because he didn't stick around long enough to create havoc. He was only in office about a month before he went elsewhere.
  11. Whadaya think? What every tried and true Zep freak should be listening to. The newest '75 soundboard from the Nassau Coliseum. It's a no brainer !!!!!!
  12. Ditto to that! Even when Plant's voice is under the weather, he stills shines with Plantations !!! I was just about to remark in the soundboard thread, his voice really is pretty good here. Definately above average for '75.
  13. You brought this to a PERSONAL attack fuckwad. You have no idea 'why' I don't pay taxes. You make an assumption that I'm an idiot for it, maybe it's just smart strategy, planning, execution. LOTS of corporations pay NO taxes. Fuck off with your attacks. I'm lowering myself to your display in defense and should just ignore it, but you need to have your ATTACK pointed out for others to see. I make a post about the popularity of the singers on the list, a general statement about how I think it's so stale in a sense, you bring in other shit and fuck with me... NOW....YOU FUCK OFF. What's the matter? Not over your little messaging/phone calls with Moonchild a while ago that Kyna found out about and was bothered for a while ? Ask her about it if you don't already know. Wanna see the correspondence ? I save that stuff. Your personal attack against me here with NO personal provocation is worthy of banning. Let's see if the mods treat you as they should. You're not above it anymore than anyone else.
  14. Getting the new sounboard recording of the Feb. 14, 1975 Nassau Zep show !!!!
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