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    The darker side of town...
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    Led Zeppelin obviously...What I consider to be good music : Blues, a lot of bands from the 60s and 70s. <br />I play the guitar.<br />I love to read poetry.<br />Love movies. Some of my favourites are American Beauty, The 25th hour, Forrest Gump, Scarface, Deadman, Tommy...
  1. One of my fav bands. Amazing songs, amazing singer, love the lyrics, love the guitar sound... Layne was really quite unique. One of the loveliest voices i have ever heard. The unplugged is awesome!
  2. TheBulle

    Robert's Hair

    he has such gorgeous hair!
  3. A band called The Do. Really cool. They have a very cool song called Weight on my Shoulder!
  4. I love that pic with Miss Pamela! She's such a beautiful woman!
  5. Gawd! He's old enough to be my grand pa and yet I'm so turned on by him!!! This man is so attractive...its almost not natural!
  6. yeah! That's gotta be it!!! Robert doesn't like to share his Jimmy!
  7. Oh no! I hate bling!!! Don't bling up Robert!! But even a blinged Robert is a hot Robert!!!
  8. I'm listening to The Boy's Are Back In Town right now!!! Love that song!!!
  9. TheBulle

    Roberts Jeans

    Can you believe this...?? Its been 5 days since I last came on the forum and the 1st thread I visit is this one!!!
  10. My username comes from a song by Babyshambles. La Belle et la Bete. In the chorus Pete sings " She's la belle, the bete and THE BULLE..." I always thought this was funny. 'The Bulle'! This mix between english and french...and well the belle, the bete and the bulle doesn't really mean anything. She's the beauty, the beast and the bubble...
  11. I hate bands like Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Sum 41, Limp Bizkit, Bullet for my Valentine, Chemical Romance etc. I hate all those nu-metal, nu-punk, emo bands... eeeeeeek!
  12. Well, I liked it but then again I like that kind of movies. I thought it was good. The young actor is great and Sean Penn did a great job in not making the movie boring. I didn't get bored once. It's the kind of movie that I really want to see a second time to have a definitive opinion on it.
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