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    Led Zeppelin obviously...What I consider to be good music : Blues, a lot of bands from the 60s and 70s. <br />I play the guitar.<br />I love to read poetry.<br />Love movies. Some of my favourites are American Beauty, The 25th hour, Forrest Gump, Scarface, Deadman, Tommy...
  1. One of my fav bands. Amazing songs, amazing singer, love the lyrics, love the guitar sound... Layne was really quite unique. One of the loveliest voices i have ever heard. The unplugged is awesome!
  2. For some reason that I can't explain the song that means the most to me is Leif Erikson by Interpol! This song kills me. besides it, there are quite a few other songs that mean the world to me. Some songs by Led Zeppelin, Cat Stevens, Neil Young, Dylan, Hole...
  3. TheBulle

    Robert's Hair

    he has such gorgeous hair!
  4. A band called The Do. Really cool. They have a very cool song called Weight on my Shoulder!
  5. I love that pic with Miss Pamela! She's such a beautiful woman!
  6. Hey guys, I'd really love to play That's The Way! Does anyone here have a tab for it? or a link to a tab? thanks a lot!!
  7. I like Bonnie and Clyde! To be honest...I only know a couple of his songs and the few I know are alright, I guess.
  8. A friend of mine thinks she saw a UFO once when she staying over at my house... She was sleeping on a mattress in my room and the window was right above her and she saw a very bright light ...the light was on her like a beam and she thought she was going to be abducted... I love her she's my best friend but god she sure can be stupid sometimes... I was right next to her in that room and I can explain what really happen as I have experienced the same thing several times. When its the full moon and that its cloudy, from time when the sky clears up a lil and that the moon appears, it lights my
  9. Gawd! He's old enough to be my grand pa and yet I'm so turned on by him!!! This man is so attractive...its almost not natural!
  10. yeah! That's gotta be it!!! Robert doesn't like to share his Jimmy!
  11. Poor Robert! I don't want him to feel any pressure!!! As some of you said...lets let him finish his Krauss tour 1st and then see what happens.
  12. Oh no! I hate bling!!! Don't bling up Robert!! But even a blinged Robert is a hot Robert!!!
  13. Wow thanks for that!!! Great read!!!
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