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  1. Excellent choice. If you like the Beatles cover, try the cover of Please Mr. Postman on this soundtrack !! Members of Sonic Youth, Afghan Whigs, REM and Dave Grohl play on it. Great movie btw as well.
  2. Yes ! He surely did. That paper the list is on looks as old as the Declaration of Independence doesn't it ? I have his whole list and it's an amazing archive of shows.
  3. Nuthin' but a heartache . Bonnie Tyler or Steve Tyler ?
  4. This is a buddy's list, but if anyone can beat it let me know. LZ January of '69 and April of '69.
  5. Chris still looks as good as he did 16 years ago !!! I swear I didn't tell him where the fountain of youth was, honest.
  6. Clearly Transparent Bass or Treble
  7. Well happy 22nd DailyDouble and happy 21st to you to EaglehasLanded. Fuckin' punks !
  8. Wax on lounge jazz or smoky jazz * Oops, ~tangerine~ Lassie for me.
  9. No Quarter from the May 25th, 1975 Earl's Court show. "We've just had a really good time playing here, ya know. And sometimes if you play city after city after city, night after night after night, you don't feel as loose and as easy as we feel. Ladies we feel loose and easy. *his own...laughter* I remember a time when that meant something, but nevermind, the Osmond's will be here next week." Robert speaking as Jimmy plays what sounds like a little wah-wah guitar ala 'The Theme from Shaft'....just before going into the song.
  10. A slight extension on my job. It's only a couple of weeks, but with the extra cash and the lower prices at the pump, I may take a week's roadtrip come early January. I haven't been anywhere since May and I'm itchin' to wander. 'Cos the wind was my mother, The highway is my brother. I was born to wander, And it's time for movin' on. I was born to wander, Turn around and I'll be gone, gone, gone.
  11. What the heck is that ? Their lovechild ? Ole Robot got him some action !!!!
  12. Since I've Been Loving You Auckland, NZ 2-25-72 So very clear and a fantastic performance. I've often found SIBLY to be recorded so well on many audience tapes. I guess because of the lowered volume coming from the stage. I easily enjoy these downunder concerts as much as ANY Millard recording (at least the Adelaide and Auckland shows), and even moreso of the performances themselves.
  13. Better yet, I split open my chin just below my lip once and after I was stitched up, I laughed with a mouthful of some drink and it came out the hole in my chin !!! Boy, that got some laughs... Have you ever gone to put Visine in your eyes and grabbed the tape head cleaner fluid instead ? I'll tell you what, it stings like a mo'fo !!!!!!!
  14. Some little elf disposed of the clutter that I kept seeing last night. Funny how things form, morph, transform then poof, ALL GONE !! Obsessive little busy bodies with no more time on their hands than to manufacture such filler.
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