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  1. Oh great. Few men but LOTS of welfare momma's in these cities...just LOOK ! Geezus...
  2. Oh yeah, did I say I loved Stairway ? Yep, but better say it again to get back on topic.
  3. I AM a Moonie !!!!!!!! and an aRa-C freak !! The go hand in hand you know !!
  4. Oh..and I meant 35 years ago ! Same here, matter of fact I still spend a big majority of my discretionary income on music in one way or the other, always have.
  5. Well there were only 2 stores in Honolulu that advertised that they would have it, so I made sure I got my copy as early as possible. There were sometime shortages on the islands back then, the West Coast teamsters or whateva's got lazy occasionally. I also did the same when Houses of the Holy came out in '73. I paid about the same. You know, funny thing...kids today bitch about CD prices so they don't buy, only download. 25 years ago an album had about 35-40 minutes for say, $2.50. That same $2.50 would be about $20.00 now at least and CD's are what....$15 at the most and more time in general. The deals on CD's are way better than what we paid in the early 70s and moolah was harder to come by at minimum wage teenage jobs at about $1.75/hr.
  6. I waited in line for several hours for the record store opening to get my copy. We got there before daylight ! So, you don't frequent other band boards ? If another band wasn't your favorite you wouldn't be posting there, if you hold true to your statement. I think there may be alot of people here who Led Zeppelin isn't their favorite band, but still count them among the best and enjoy the board in general, not just the Zep content. I post on a few band boards, even my second, third or fourth favorite.
  7. Really ? You've interpreted that too ? Cool !!!! I'd heard quite some time back about the music being from Robert Johnson tune, so I googled it and found out for sure. Some more notes of interest on it too.... "Her Majesty" is a song written by Paul McCartney (although credited to Lennon/McCartney) that appears on The Beatles' album Abbey Road. "Her Majesty" appears as the final track. It was originally placed between "Mean Mr. Mustard" and "Polythene Pam". Paul decided this sequence did not work and the song was edited out of the medley by Abbey Road Studios tape operator John Kurlander. He was instructed by McCartney to destroy the tape, but EMI policy stated that no Beatles recording was ever to be deleted. The song was recorded in three takes on 2 July 1969, prior to The Beatles beginning work on Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight. McCartney sang and simultaneously played an acoustic guitar accompaniment. The decision to exclude it from the Abbey Road medley was made on 30 July.[1] The fourteen seconds of silence between "The End" and "Her Majesty" are the result of Kurlander’s lead out tape added to separate the song from the rest of the recording. The loud chord that occurs at the beginning of the song is the ending, as recorded, of "Mean Mr. Mustard".[2] "Her Majesty" ends abruptly because its own final note was left at the beginning of "Polythene Pam". Paul applauded Kurlander's "surprise effect" and the track became the unintended closer to the LP. The crudely-edited beginning and end of "Her Majesty" shows that it was not meant to be included in the final mix of the album; as McCartney says in The Beatles Anthology, "Typical Beatles - an accident." Consequently, both of the original sides of vinyl closed with a song that ended very abruptly (the other being I Want You (She's So Heavy)). This song pays tribute to to 1930s blues singer Robert Johnson, in being an accurately fingerpicked version of Johnson's They're Red Hot with different words, McCartney singing "Her Majesty's a pretty nice girl" where Johnson had sung "Hot tamales and they're red hot". At 23 seconds long, "Her Majesty" is the shortest song in the Beatles repertoire. ("Revolution 9" is the longest of their official releases.) The song was not listed on the original vinyl record's sleeve as the sleeves had already been printed; subsequent pressings and the CD edition correct this.[1] The song starts panned hard right and slowly pans to hard left. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Her_Majesty_(song)
  8. I don't come in here bugging you, howza 'bout you lay off me ? I'll make any crack I like, if you're bothered by it so what ? Don't be calling me a fucking dick bag man, cool it. Only thing I've EVER said toward you is in defense of the crap you throw at me. How 'bout YOU going away, shit stirrer.
  9. And ya know, it's poignant and ironic their last song on their last album was called The End. After several seconds of silence however, Her Majesty comes on and even though it's a tribute to Robert Johnson (the finger picking is identical to Johnson's song They're Red Hot ), I see it as another poignant closing... Her majesty's a pretty nice girl, But she doesn't have a lot to say Her majesty's a pretty nice girl But she changes from day to day I want to tell her that i love her a lot But i gotta get a bellyful of wine Her majesty's a pretty nice girl Someday i'm going to make her mine, oh yeh, Someday i'm going to make her mine. My highlighted part makes me think of Paul referring to The Beatles as Her Majesty and the changes happening from day to day within their ranks and that he really wants to tell them He loves them alot Just my take on it. Whacha think ?
  10. You like that ? I got a ton more* !!! Thanks. * ..but they're lost in cyberspace-archive history.
  11. I love it, always have always will. For sure, I much prefer the earlier '71-'72 versions live than the latter ones, but the studio one will forever be my favorite. I don't care that it was played to death. I'd actually turn the station so I wouldn't get burnt on it. I listened enough on my own to take care of my dosage. I'll never forget the first time I heard it. I was in the backseat of a carload (Ramber stationwagon) of us surfers heading to Sandy Beach in Hawaii and it came on the radio without introduction. We knew immediately that it was Led Zeppelin as soon as Robert started to sing. The album hadn't come out yet, but the radio station had an advance copy. A couple of weeks later I heard it live for the first time and my friends and I (who also happened to be in that Rambler) hooted when they started playing it. Not many in the crowd applauded as it was basically unheard, 'cept for those who'd heard it on that radio preview. I swear I can still hear it coming out of that one speaker from the AM radio !!
  12. Excellent choice. If you like the Beatles cover, try the cover of Please Mr. Postman on this soundtrack !! Members of Sonic Youth, Afghan Whigs, REM and Dave Grohl play on it. Great movie btw as well.
  13. Clap your hands..... Stomp your feet !!
  14. In all honesty, IMO, Peter is an excellent guitarist. He just has this period of time that is erased in my mind. When he plays lately, other than rehashing that erased timeframe, he plays innovatively and still cranks 'em. His "sit-in's" with others is great. I had a solo album before his Alive one simply called Frampton's Camel. I liked it but didn't care AT ALL for the live stuff as it appeared on that famous platinum double album of his. Ya know, the one where the photog put vaseline over their lens to make Peter even look more appealing. To the girls or frilly boys anyway.
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