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  1. I'd would want the Reunion DVD, that would be great
  2. I'm voting for OTHAFA since its my fav Led Zep song but there are some other favs of mine in the list too.
  3. I like AC/DC but I've got to go with Whole Lotta Love
  4. Yep, someone messed that one up
  5. I also remember an episode of Starsky and Hutch where there is a Zeppelin poster on the wall of a young girl's bedroom. Must be '77/'78. I remember seeing another episode of S&H and a guy had a Robert Plant poster on the back of his door. It was either season one or two.
  6. I'm listen to them all now in order, currently I'm listening to Fool In The Rain. Personally I think the best three songs from ITTOD are In The Evening, All My Love & I'm Gonna Crawl.
  7. I'm watching all the vids on youtube of their auguest 11st performance in tribute.
  8. It was alright. I like the guiter solos you did.
  9. I heard Whole Lotta Love on the radio while I was cleaning up.
  10. Who's the women in the 1st pic?
  11. Is it on the internet anywhere, if so does anyone know where I could find a link.
  12. I'm currently to Moby Dick in tribute, happy birthday Bonzo.
  13. Thats what I was thinking, he's killing the song badly
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