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  1. I'm voting for OTHAFA since its my fav Led Zep song but there are some other favs of mine in the list too.
  2. I wouldn't mind having all the four symbols on my back.
  3. I need to start listening to that radio station.
  4. They wasted their time because no one knew what was going to happen on that very day.
  5. Jennifer Beals Hayden Panettiere Kristen Bell Kaley Cuoco Gillian Anderson
  6. For me overall thats a good set list. Shame Skies On Fire isn't on it, thats my fav song from "Black Ice".
  7. I - Dazed and Confused / Communication Breakdown II - Whole Lotta Love / Bring It On Home III - Tangerine / That's the Way IV - Going to California / Black Dog Houses - OTH&FA / D'yer Mak'er Physical - The Rover / Ten Years Gone Presence - Tea for One / For Your Life ITTOD - In The Evening / I'm Gonna Crawl Coda - Wearing and Tearing / Darlene
  8. I find it ironic that with all the trouble that when on during the 77' tour, probably the best selling & most famous Led Zep shirt is from this tour.
  9. Did they ever mess up in In My Time Of Dying? Not to my knowledge, they did a great live song of In My Time Of Dying at Earls Court.
  10. The Black Ice album is alright. The only songs I like are Rock N Roll Train, Skies On Fire & Anything Goes.
  11. I think its good. I like the performance they did of the song at Knebworth In 79.
  12. Over the Hills and Far Away with The ocean being a close second.
  13. Yes, though I do listen to other bands like AC/DC and R.E.M. etc.
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