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  1. I'm not one of her friends Meg. I knew sod all about her but I've learned a lot about both of you from this debate; and quoting another poster's attack on her just because she proved you wrong is pretty pathetic. Her posts were neither irrational nor agressive, you just couldn't bear her to prove you wrong and resorted to dragging up her disagreements with OTHER PEOPLE to support your lack of humility. Sad. PS SORRY TO BE INTERRUPTING YOUR THREAD STEVE -IT'S A GREAT ONE! JUST HAD TO RESPOND>
  2. Not my fault -and he wasn't as involved as Geldof, FACT
  3. Don't be so silly he raised awareness of that situation on a masive scale and STILL DOES more work for charity than you will ever know about, he deseerved all the accolades he got and when you do MORE maybe you can complain.
  4. ^ Thought you were stayin out of this thread? (PS Did you notice Led Zeppelin played together last year?)
  5. Where's her aggression? I don't see any at all, she's talking facts, why won't you admit to the things you got wrong? She admitted to maybe being wrong about Jimmy in New Orleans - clear as day. You keep on gloating over that like you have something against her already. Seems to me Knebby has personal evidence which beats your collection of books and cuttings. Maybe your jealous? Don' know for sure but there must be a reason why you're being so shitty when it was clearly you who got the facts wrong in the first place by saying Jimmy was in Egypt at the time of Robert's son's death. Sometime
  6. Wowza!!!! That's coooooool! Is that his own writing? Kashmir! Excellent!
  7. Hey! I feel left out! I also replied to Howard's message, so did Walter's Walk, and you didn't question me! Maybe I'm just not as popular a target as Knebby? Jeez it comes to something when a member of a Zeppelin forum has to explain themselves for "defending" Plant.
  8. Thats what I see here, too. Seems people are complete bastards towards anyone who has real first-hand information, it is transparent jealousy. Speculation appears to be much more welcome here. Pity when this is an official site. And the venem & hatred to Robert is just..................well.................there's no words for it, I wouldn't blame the guy if he DID want to distance himself from Zeppelin if he ever comes here to see the way 'fans' speak of him. The Jimmy-can-do-no-wrong brigade are so far off the mark it isn't even funny, gah I love the guy but he's a million miles from
  9. Cool! Did the band get picky about how they looked in shots, was that a big consideration for how the movie was cut (and is it true that that's why they don't wanna release the O2 footage?). Ok I was pushing it there - disregard the brackets.
  10. ^ What I've read time and again on this site is that Robert CAN'T do what he wants but the others can. Yea I wanna see them! Yeah I want this to happen! But not as Led Zeppelin. I can't believe they would call themselves that though, anyway.
  11. Howard I think you need to get out more.
  12. Some nice pics in this thread cool stuff guys.
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