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  1. I hate peanut butter, dunno if you yanks have that over there, anyways, detest the stuff, makes me wanna go burn the factory down where they make it, no one should eat it, especially around me, just typing here about it makes me nautious!
  2. 7/10 Great power pop/rock 90's sound, must get on vinyl! Aussie Power duo, drummer Danny from Adelaide Zeppelin cover band The Zep Boys!
  3. ^ Great track, very Beatlesque, 6.5/10, will look for a vinyl for sure….
  4. Sorry but ain't gonna restrain myself, yowzer, yowzer,yowzer, hot diggity dawg, ya goyjus girl! Yeah not sorry, admire beauty!
  5. Oh man, can't believe the cartoons I'm finding, absolutely loved this way back…..
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