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  1. That doesn't sound interesting to me. For what they'd have to charge to support a bill like that, it wouldn't be worth it.
  2. Reid was the one who turned Page onto Plant. TR turned down the gig because he had a commitment to tour with the Stones. While YES, I think I'd really rather see a REAL Zeppelin with Plant, RP's voice is more or less fried now. From a musical standpoint, Reid still has much of what he had 40 years ago and would be better with the band musically. But I'm not sure they should call it Led Zeppelin. Whatever the guys do, I'll go see it. I'm really interested to see who their choice will be. What is really exciting though is that they stated that they aren't looking for a Plant clone. I
  3. Terry Reid was Pagey's first choice for Zep singer when the band formed. He's still got it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q77rnIotEc I'd love to see Terry Reid singing with LZ.
  4. BTW- Terry Reid still has it! He could definitely fill in for Robert Plant! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6q77rnIotEc
  5. I see, anger and sarcasm. You fellows know how to make a new member feel welcome. Sorry, I couldn't find a similar thread. Feel free to delete this one if it angers you this much.
  6. Since Page, Jones and Bonham Jr have decided to have a go at it w/o Plant. WHo do you think would be able to fill his shoes? Terry Reid would be my first choice. Although, I don't know how his voice has held up Ian Gillan's voice sounds as great as it ever did. I think he would work well.
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