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  1. Lovin' your profile pic :)

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes you guys. Sorry I've been gone so long!

  3. Awesome! I love meeting other Zeppelin--influenced musicians :) I hope you're teaching your daughter well in the ways of Zeppelin!

  4. Hey! I'm actually having a great day, thank you. How are you? :)

  5. Thank you!! :)

    Gosh I miss this place... how you been?

  6. I saw "The Switch" over the weekend. It was actually really sweet And I saw "Inception" a few weeks ago. I'm STILL trying to figure that movie out...
  7. Happy Birthday!! Love ya!

  8. You are so awesome! ;) Just wanted to say that....

  9. It is ;) Ive been on here quite a while...we do some random stuff on here lol

  10. Welcome aboard! ;D Youre gonna love this place...

  11. Reach Out Of The Darkness- Friend & Lover
  12. No-no...bad girl, you cant pick both.. Old bluegrass Jefferson Airplane or Starship?
  13. Cant Live Without You; Scorpions
  14. Thanks! And dont worry, I already am ;)

  15. Hey! Havent been here in a while... Kinda missed this place!

  16. These are officially my faves...
  17. Oh wow, I totally forgot this, but I was talking to a friend about Muse toady, and Electrophile's post reminded me... I saw MUSE open for U2 back in October. They were just jamming between songs, and the guitarist breaks out in the opening riff of Heartbreaker. I freaked and was waiting for then to kick it up, but they never actually played the song, he just ran the riff for a few seconds. I was a bit dissappointed... but then again, did I REALLY want to hear MUSE do Zeppelin?
  18. Thanks guys Great links! Thanks so much!
  19. Was it the guy who's left & right brain wouldn't work together right? He was a guitarist, and air-guitared to get his brain in sync or something. They were playing China Grove in the operating room for him. Later, the team was talking to House, and after he gave them this huge, wordy diagnosis and treatment, he walks out and says "Oh, and try Led Zeppelin"
  20. Hey, I've kinda missed it around here... ANYWAYS; I'm curious about Charlotte. I've tried search engines, but can't find much on her. I'm looking for random information, anything you guys might know. But I'm also wondering about dates; when was she with Eric? When did that whole mess with George and Pattie go over? I know when her & Jimmy met, but when was Scarlet born? I'll be really grateful with any random stories or anything. There has to be something about her... Thanks guys!
  21. HTWWW version of The Ocean while on the road last weekend. (See Ma, Im not crazy...)
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