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  1. Lovin' your profile pic :)

  2. I haven't been on in while and I'm still getting used to the new layout, so I'll apologize ahead of time for anything I screw up while posting this. But anyways, I'm wondering what kind of guitar Jimmy used for the actual recording of Stairway. I tried to search for it, but didn't have much luck... So, thanks ahead of time for the help!
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes you guys. Sorry I've been gone so long!

  4. Awesome! I love meeting other Zeppelin--influenced musicians :) I hope you're teaching your daughter well in the ways of Zeppelin!

  5. Hey! I'm actually having a great day, thank you. How are you? :)

  6. I hadn't heard much about GTLO when I went to see them, and I was hoping they would be in costume. But sadly they dont do that... Are there many other tribute bands that dress the part? I think that just adds so much to the experience.
  7. I actually came very close to seeing Zoso a few years ago. I was in Wilmington for the weekend, and they were doing a gig in the area. But that night we had a huge storm...Im not sure if they performed or not, but I didn't even try to make the show.
  8. Yes, I used the "Search" button, and I couldn't find an old topic. So here it is. Your favorite tribute bands, worst tributes. Anything... I just saw Get The Led Out this weekend, first tribute band experience, and it was pretty awesome.
  9. Thank you!! :)

    Gosh I miss this place... how you been?

  10. I was in LA a few months ago, and while standing outside a guitar shop I heard a remixed Zeppelin song. As far as I can tell (It was hard to hear it clearly) It was "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against The Machine, mixed with Black Dog. Has anyone else heard this?
  11. (SAVED) I love Jonesy... but anyways, my avatar... I don't even remember where I found it. It's Robert fading out of/into? the Stairway to Heaven sheet music. Both the band geek and the Zeppelin gal inside me love it
  12. Well last time I was at Mellow Mushroom, Lemon Song came on. So now when I listen to it I crave pizza....
  13. Now, I've known my share of people with biting fetishes... but this is just creepy
  14. Sending my love, prayers and overall good vibes.
  15. I saw "The Switch" over the weekend. It was actually really sweet And I saw "Inception" a few weeks ago. I'm STILL trying to figure that movie out...
  16. Whoa man, I paid $97 for mine! But anyways... conversations like this always bring a certain quote to mind; "I would rather want him remember me the way as I was" (from Edward Scissorhands)
  17. Hey, I replied to the topic on the master forum. Would a PM be better?
  18. 1. Tattoos... in the planning stage (I want the Runes somewhere, but can't legally get inked for a few years) 2. Well I'm hopefully going to see "Get The Led Out" this weekend, so I'll let you know after that. 3. Jonesy! I think he can play every instrument known to man. I also love that personal side of him, the family man. And he's just a creative genius. 4. The music... the image...the mystery? They were so different from any other band at the time - or ever. They set themselves apart from most of the music industry. I think they've stood the test of time because the music still speaks to us. 5. I considered getting a perm, and I wear my hair long anyways. I have some earrings that are the Celtic trinity like JPJ's symbol. I have several articles of colthing; sweater vests, bellbottoms, and frilly, open shirts. Almost everything I wear looks like it came from the 70's. 6. Well I have obviously never seen Zeppelin live, but I'm not really sure that there's a "heirarchy" or anything. 7. Well Zeppelin was always 'there', but I really discovered them for myself when I was about 12. I think my moments of discover were hearing "Immigrant Song" and "Ramble On" for the first time. Then I found my Mom's 'Early Days and Latter Days' CDs and the rest is history... Hope it helps!!
  19. Yesterday I got home from a long trip to California. I didn't want to be back home, until I got to my bedroom and saw my Jimmy Page picture. I didn't realize how much I had missed him...
  20. Happy Birthday!! Love ya!

  21. Thanks Deborah! How do you manage to find these old threads? Well, I was in New Orleans a few days ago... http://twitpic.com/1zqcf1 And look at the left side at the others I posted. (Sorry, but this was easier than trying to upload 3 pictures...)
  22. I know that a long time ago, there was a thread on here about Hard Rock getting Bonzo's sticks, but I cant find it now. So, I just started this one. If anyone knows of any Hard Rock locations that have Zeppelin stuff, please share. I know that New Orleans has some nice stuff, and I'll be posting pics Thanks to anyone that can help!
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