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  1. Awesome! I love meeting other Zeppelin--influenced musicians :) I hope you're teaching your daughter well in the ways of Zeppelin!

  2. Cool :) Thank you

    I forgot how awesome this place was haha

  3. Glad you're back babe <3

  4. Haha seriously!!

    And I'm cranking Bring It On Home :)

    I'm happy

  5. Happy Birthday!! Love ya!

  6. Hey, haven't been around in a while but I just wanted to say "Hi" :)

  7. Hey, I miss getting to talk you! I tried to PM you but it wouldn't go through. I hope you're doing well & have a great time at the U2 concert! I can't wait for mine next weekend!!!

    Hope to get back in touch!

  8. Hey! Havent been here in a while... Kinda missed this place!

  9. Hey! I'm actually having a great day, thank you. How are you? :)

  10. Hey! It's nice to see another teen Zep Head! Love Your signature!

    See ya round

  11. I love U2! I heard New Years Day years ago and was hooked. As for Zeppelin, 2 years ago, my uncle got Early/Latter days for my mom for Xmas. After listening to the albums for a year, I finally saw part of the 1970 Albert Hall videos the next November, and that's when I really became obsessed. So I've been a fan for over 2 years, but really been a 'Led Head' for one. (That was p

  12. It is ;) Ive been on here quite a while...we do some random stuff on here lol

  13. Just wanted to say "Hi" We seem to see a lot of each other and I finally wanted to introduce myself :)

  14. Lovin' your profile pic :)

  15. No-still tryin to figure that out myself. Try 'help'. If you figure it out please tell me

  16. Still working on the envelopes;)

  17. Thank you :)

    Have a good weekend!

  18. Thank you!! :)

    Gosh I miss this place... how you been?

  19. Thanks :) Hope you're doing well

  20. Thanks ;) Its ok, I haven't been on much lately anyways

  21. Thanks for the birthday wishes you guys. Sorry I've been gone so long!

  22. Thanks! And dont worry, I already am ;)

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