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  1. I haven't been on in while and I'm still getting used to the new layout, so I'll apologize ahead of time for anything I screw up while posting this. But anyways, I'm wondering what kind of guitar Jimmy used for the actual recording of Stairway. I tried to search for it, but didn't have much luck...

    So, thanks ahead of time for the help!

  2. Mr. Jimmy is pretty good. They have all the same costumes, instruments, etc. The singer is off though, but musically they are pretty damn good.

    I hadn't heard much about GTLO when I went to see them, and I was hoping they would be in costume. But sadly they dont do that...

    Are there many other tribute bands that dress the part? I think that just adds so much to the experience.

  3. Zoso used to play in this area (Eastern NC) pretty frequently and by all reports they were quite good. That said, I have no desire to see an imitation of a band no matter how good they may (or may not) be. I'd rather see these tribute bands channel their energy into something original.

    I actually came very close to seeing Zoso a few years ago. I was in Wilmington for the weekend, and they were doing a gig in the area. But that night we had a huge storm...Im not sure if they performed or not, but I didn't even try to make the show.

  4. I was in LA a few months ago, and while standing outside a guitar shop I heard a remixed Zeppelin song. As far as I can tell (It was hard to hear it clearly) It was "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against The Machine, mixed with Black Dog. Has anyone else heard this?

  5. Oooh! I thought that I was the only one with a "secret folder"! :wub: Glad to know that I have company! :D And yes, I do have a certain bias towards Jimmy too but sometimes "The Golden God" is so gorgeous too!

    But to be honest, Magic and Aeon, I like men who either have jet black hair or dark brown hair or light brown hair. I also like men who are caring and sensitive and this description has me thinking of another member of Zep who has such a quiet, dignified, sweet, kind and caring sort of aura and yet remains so underrated! I am talking about this sweetie right here :wub:


    I proudly added this photo to my "secret folder" this afternoon and I can't take my eyes of it! Dear sweet Jonesy! :wub:

    This would probably have been my avi if I hadn't found that cute pic of Robert and Jimmy! :wub:

    (SAVED) :D

    I love Jonesy...

    but anyways,

    my avatar... I don't even remember where I found it. It's Robert fading out of/into? the Stairway to Heaven sheet music.

    Both the band geek and the Zeppelin gal inside me love it :blush:

  6. Bong-Man, after reading your story, my analysis is that you did not "miss anything" but rather the girl you were dating was just fucking weird.


    Now, I've known my share of people with biting fetishes... but this is just creepy

  7. "U2 money?" I've been a fan for years but never saw them in concert until last year. I paid around $45 for my ticket and there were some available for less than that.

    Whoa man, I paid $97 for mine!

    But anyways...

    conversations like this always bring a certain quote to mind; "I would rather want him remember me the way as I was" (from Edward Scissorhands)

  8. 1. Tattoos... in the planning stage (I want the Runes somewhere, but can't legally get inked for a few years)

    2. Well I'm hopefully going to see "Get The Led Out" this weekend, so I'll let you know after that.

    3. Jonesy! I think he can play every instrument known to man. I also love that personal side of him, the family man. And he's just a creative genius.

    4. The music... the image...the mystery? They were so different from any other band at the time - or ever. They set themselves apart from most of the music industry. I think they've stood the test of time because the music still speaks to us.

    5. I considered getting a perm, and I wear my hair long anyways. I have some earrings that are the Celtic trinity like JPJ's symbol. I have several articles of colthing; sweater vests, bellbottoms, and frilly, open shirts. Almost everything I wear looks like it came from the 70's.

    6. Well I have obviously never seen Zeppelin live, but I'm not really sure that there's a "heirarchy" or anything.

    7. Well Zeppelin was always 'there', but I really discovered them for myself when I was about 12. I think my moments of discover were hearing "Immigrant Song" and "Ramble On" for the first time. Then I found my Mom's 'Early Days and Latter Days' CDs and the rest is history...

    Hope it helps!!

  9. I know that a long time ago, there was a thread on here about Hard Rock getting Bonzo's sticks, but I cant find it now. So, I just started this one.

    If anyone knows of any Hard Rock locations that have Zeppelin stuff, please share.

    I know that New Orleans has some nice stuff, and I'll be posting pics ;)

    Thanks to anyone that can help!

  10. Happy Birthday Bonzo!!

    I know guy that was at a Zeppelin show today in 1977. He said that Robert got onstage, announced that it was Bonzo's birthday, and the whole arena ended up singing Happy Birthday.

    Lucky guy to be there for something like that!

    We miss you John!

  11. ha yea, I am utterly fascinated by the 70s

    And coming on here was probly the best thing ever, cuz besides my 3 other friends that listen to zeppelin with me, I dont relate to anyone else at my school really. All they talk about is lil wayne.

    I just smoke my stuff, sit back, break out the air guitar, and let the zeppelin take me away

    Amen to that brother! :beer:

    The 70's were the best time. Ever. In History.

    Yeah, I totally know the feeling. I have like 2 friends that I can have an intelligent Zeppelin conversation with.

    Dont you hate when people are like "Oh do you know that song by (fill in blank)..." And it's some stupid rap shit? I HATE THAT!!

    I'm in a Zeppelin hoodie, do you think I know anything by Kayne West?

    People are such dumbasses... :slapface:

  12. Hey Mrs. Zeppelin, i like that name haha

    Our generations music, especially mine, as in songs that are considered "hits" today, is just ridiculous. I heard a song last night that went to the tune of eeenie meenie miney mo catch a tiger by the toe, and he actually says that in the song except Jackie instead of tiger. It just goes to show how the only reason music is made today is to make money, they will put anything on the radio.

    And you couldnt be more correct about the Journey. Every single zep song is a journey in itself. But I just wish i could explain to you how literally that statement applies to me. I was on the greatest Journey of my life so far while I wrote this post...If ya know what i mean wink.gif haha

    Also, I dont know your story, I would love it if you enlightened me, Thanks!!

    P.S. TCV is awesome. Its insane how at his age Jones can still inspire a mosh pit

    Thank you ;)

    I know!! The music industry today is pitiful! It's all crap...it's pathetic!! Can people seriously not come up with anything? (I could rant all day, so I'm going to comtrol myself and stop now) :rant:

    Haha I think I know what you mean... ;)

    But it's true, ain't it? Theres really no other way to describe it, this...experience...

    I've been through so much and done all kinds of shit... All Because of Zeppelin.. :)

    Oh, it's not really that exciting...

    My uncle gave my Mom "Early Days & Latter Days" when I was about 11, and I got hooked.But, it wasn't until a year later under provocative circumstances that I became an addict...

    I saw the 1970 Royal Albert Hall performances on vh1 calssic one night. And I fell in love. It was a whole new experience, a whole new feeling, once I saw them in action.

    And, to top it all off, the O2 Reunuin had just been announced, so the whole world had Zeppelinmania; which just fed my growing obsession.

    There was never any turning back ;)

    PS: Yes!!! TCV is amazing! And Jonesy STILL kicks major ass!


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