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  1. I don't know what you guys think but my favorite scene from the movie is when jimmy goes back to the house at headley where they recorded the album and where the drums were set up to record when the levee breaks. He really looked like he was really moved and happy to travel back there and the memories he must have had being there.

    That was my favorite too :D

    It came on screen & I whispered "Holy shit...its actually Headley Grange..."

    I cant wait to have this on DVD, but right now I'm saving up to see TCV in a few weeks.

  2. It's sad that, by his own pure awesomeness, Jimmy could potentially kill a large portion of his own fans.


    Too true...

    JPJ reads his own forums. i wouldnt be surprised if he did or if any of them did just for fun.

    Yeah, Jonesy has posted on his own site. I wonder what it would feel like to be a "Newbie" on your own website lol.

    I have to say, if I were ever in a band big enough to have our own site, I would visit. Maybe incognito, maybe multiple usernames...be a troll for a while just to screw with the fans lol.

    But yeah, I would visit. Sadly, I can't read Jimmy's mind though to see if he visit his own...

  3. I had a dream last week that I was Alice Cooper's groupie in late 60's. Don't ask...

    But it got me thinking...why don't we hear about groupies much anymore? They're not in the media like they were in the 70s, at least not as far as I know

    But, look at the music industry now...

    Any other thoughts?

    (PS-Bret Michaels/Rock of Love/etc doesn't count, I'm talking about normal groupies, not reality stars)

  4. The idiocy and hypocracy of WP knows no bounds -



    As for Jimmy & Robert being "negative" - I've got GREAT friends. Most for 6-8 years (which is a long time when you're 15) I love them all to death, but sometimes you just get a bit tired of each other. I'm sure it's much worse actually living & being on tour together.

    I suppose my point is that even the best of friends can get on each others nerves at times.

    I wouldn't take all the negative things so seriously. Sometimes you can just randomly go off on someone after a bad day. In Jimmy & Robert case, the press was just there to catch it.

  5. My daughter and I went and saw Pirate Radio today. It had a lot of good music but no Zep as this takes place in 1966. It has a loose storyline I thought but I like Phillip Seymour Hoffman as an actor. My daughter was the youngest in the theatre as the demographic of the viewers were all 50 something. Don't want to give too much away of the end but it was sad that all the records on the boat were lost. (I'm sure they were just props. :unsure: I Hope.)

    Oh I know!! The record thing really hurt my feelings...

    I went to see it last weekend with some girlfriends. We had a blast & are still talking about it. ("I think I should be called Clever Kevin" is a favorite...)

    Then we made fun of the (no offense to anyone) Twilight freaks that had been in line for hours...

    But I recomend the movie to anyone on here, since you must like classic rock to a point.

    I liked that it was (loosely) fact - pirate radio was a real thing & it's role in rock is really shown in this movie.

  6. Good luck with that...

    A few years ago, a lot of metal guys made a Christmas album. Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, Sebastain Bach, Judas Priest I think... Dio & Alice maybe, can't really remember. It's "Metal Christmas" I think.

    Dont know about Zep, but hope that album helps.

  7. Cool story, and thanks for your reply, but that is music for you...you remember times, places and the moment of a particular song that are special.

    I remember being night shift at the Power Station years ago (a not so 'special' moment!!) and 3 songs from the 'new' Don Henley album were played on the radio. Loved the album when it was released, and now 20 odd years later, 'Building the Perfect Beast' is a classic album. I am transported back to being 24 again every time I hear a track from it.

    Zeppelin time and place stories...too many to mention, but all gems!!


    I've had many a conversation with my mother about this. It's really interesting to see how different songs impact people. The situation you were in when you first heard it is always interesting too...

    I have to say that I Cant Quit You Baby does fit better on the album, imho

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