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    What a day!!

    First, we had to get a rental car


    and station-surfed for a good rock station.

    Then we met Deborah J and headed to the Forum Members private party, where we hung out & rocked all night. Not to mention catching glimpses of two certain band members...

    (Damn, I wish I would've payed attention in French class... :wacko: )

    Finally made it back to the hotel...then finally found our room & crashed.

    We should've sent somebody running through the streets screaming "The Ocean is coming!!! The Ocean is coming!!!!" to warn the general public. The whole city seems to be swamped by Led Heads. It's so much better than I could've ever imagined!

    Can't wait for tomorrow night!!!

    Hey Nathan, anybody claimed those other 2 tickets yet? ;)

  2. Mszeppelin94, and I are on our way, we'll get in touch with you all on Thurs. God I can't wait to satisfy my ears with that sweet refrain, that soothes the soul and calms the pain. :)


    Baby, where did you pack the shampoo? :huh: And is that your Electric Magic shirt or mine?...

    Hello austinzeppelin68! The best part is we all have the best tickets:-) I am beyond excited, I feel like it is an out of body experience!! Talk to you and MsZeppelin Thursday!!

    The excitement is killing me!!! I've never felt a vibe like this, it's AWESOME!!

    Catch ya tomorrow Deborah J, you got my number :)


    Hello ms zeppelin94!

    I was able to secure a room at the Ritz-Carlton. Old connections:-). Would love to get together, can't speak for Steve A, but it would be great to meet! I am arriving Wednesday as that is the earliest I could get away. We can touch basis by Wednesday to decide where we want to meet. Look forward to talking soon.:-)


    Awesome! We'll be getting there Thursday morning, so I'll call when we hit the ground :) I hear there's a really nice place downtown...


    New tour t-shirts available in the merchandise section:







    Mothership - The Only Way to Fly

    2009-10 World Tour

    As you can see, this is from SteveAJones on the fantasy tour thread in Master Forum, but it gave me an idea:

    What if we make fake 09-10 Tour shirts & just start wearing them? Can you imagine what kind of reactions we would get? I think I'm going to do it, I've got a bunch of iron-ons I'm probably never going to use, so why not have some fun?

    Just an idea...

    Have fun! :)

    PS- Thanks for the idea, Steve!


    Here's my hotel:


    Here's a a link to the venue, the Bell Centre:


    When I made my hotel reservation I asked if a "James MacGregor" was booked for the night of the concert and was told yes. Leaving nothing to chance, I asked if an "I.M. Manic" was also booked and was told yes. So it

    seems this is also the band's hotel.


    I'm frantically packing my bags & calling friends to find someone to walk my dog right now. The Ritz-Carlton was booked, but I snagged my boyfriend & I a room at Delta


    Hey, Steve A Jones & Deborah J, want to do lunch over the weekend? ;)

  6. Same here.

    There are a lot of useful information, a lot of Zep mysteries, solved or not, news, cool people, all in one interesting and yet funny package.

    Very interesting at times... :whistling:

    That is a good way to say it though.

    I've finally found people who understand me!! When I first stumbled across this place, it was a huge "I'm not alone!" moment for me. Now I just hang out for fun really, get in on the crazy conversations & whatnot. It's nice to connect with other people who share your passion. There are some really awesome people on here too that will help you with pretty much any problem you can have.

    Thanks guys! :beer:

  7. Oh boy...here goes


    The Zeppelin Shrine

    Which, ironically, happened accidentally... :huh:


    My book/magazine collection. The big Mothership thing is TAB


    Closeup of the glasses in The Shrine

    And my prized possesion


    One of my Mom's friends got it from a photographer buddy who actually took it! He gave it to me & said "Yeah, I was goin' through my stuff the other day...and I kinda hated to throw it away..." He still just had it stuck on cardboard.

    It has a very good home now. :)

  8. I think its kinda funny how different these three songs are, but they're all so epic. Sorry, random observation. :)

    This is why, boys & girls, we do not fall asleep listening to Zep after crashing on caffine & adrenalin. I had a dream once during IMTOD about JImmy swordfighting Satan over my soul :huh: Disturbing... So I still think of that every time I listen to that song.

    Other songs that speak to me

    Bron-Yr-Aur: I always invision laying under a tree by a lake somewhere peaceful..warm breeze blowing through...

    As for sex, I say HMMT is my favorite. The wicked bass...screeching bowed guitar...killer drums..don't even mention the vocals...

    There has to be more, but I can't really think right now

  9. Hello BlackDog!

    I two think this song is beyond amazing, but wait until you have beeen listening for 4 decades. Every song will come to mean something to you, and a lot of times, they will mean something different at a different time of your life or when you hear a different version (live versions verses Studio albums).

    There will never be another band like the one these four created.

    To answer your question, this reminds me,( most of the time) , that we all have things that happen to us from time to time in relatioships, but loving someone can keep away the keepers of the gloom and that love will conquer all even though upon us all a little rain will fall:-)

    Whoa, that's perfect Deborah! Gonna make me cry...

    It's kinda funny with this song..I had only seen TSRTS like twice, and that was the only times I had ever heard that song. I never really got the full impact, being distracted by the fantsay sequence & all. But the first time I heard it on HOTH, I fell in love!!

  10. How come no matter how many messages I delete, my messenger tells me I've got 100% of my quota? :huh:

    I actually came on this thread to see if anybody had an answer to that. I'm glad it's not just me.

    Also, all my messages were copied, so I had 2 copies of every message in my inbox, and now it says they're all deleted conversations :huh:

  11. I know it's a few days old, but I just checked the site.

    Still bummed out :(

    I guess it's best for Steven to have time to recover, though

    Edit to say

    Sorry! I ment to put this in other bands forum :blush:

  12. It is with great regret that AEROSMITH are canceling the remainder of their summer tour, it was announced today.

    Due to injuries STEVEN TYLER sustained last week when he fell from the stage during a concert in Sturgis, SD, doctors have advised the lead singer to take the time to properly recuperate from the accident that resulted in a broken shoulder and stitches to his head. In his current condition, TYLER is unable to tour and the band wants to give him time to get healthy.

    Ticket refunds for the rest of the tour dates with special guests ZZ Top will be available at point of purchase.

    TYLER fell from the stage during the August 5 show that was part of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Western South Dakota. The mishap occurred while he was dancing during the band's "Love in an Elevator." TYLER was subsequently airlifted to a hospital and then returned to Boston to consult with his own doctors.

    AEROSMITH--STEVEN TYLER (vocals), JOE PERRY (guitar), BRAD WHITFORD (guitar), TOM HAMILTON (bass) and JOEY KRAMER (drums)--want to thank all their fans for their incredible ongoing support and understanding at this time.

    "Words can't express the sadness I feel for having to cancel this tour," says JOE PERRY. "I would like to thank our loyal fans for sticking by us through thick and thin and all the good energy they are sending our way. We hope we can get the Aerosmith machine up and running again as soon as possible. I sure am going to miss playing with ZZ Top just as I'm sure the fans are going to miss seeing them playing with us as well. Hope to see you sooner than later." JOE adds, " My hat's off to our crew for putting up with this crazy stop and start tour. In my estimation, it was one of the best looking and best run tours we've ever had. Us road dawgs will meet again. May your wheels keep turning and your load in's stay smooth."

    "All of us here in the AEROSMITH organization and all of the people who contribute to making our shows possible are in a state of shock,"

    BRAD WHITFORD says. "We never anticipated this tour coming to such a swift and unfortunate ending. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Steven for a speedy recovery and return to good health."

    For up-to-date information on ticket refunds, please visit www.aeroforceone.com and www.livenation.com.


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