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  1. I recall Ted Nugent referring to Page as "fumble fingers."
  2. Check out the song Razamanaz sometime from the Nazareth album Razamanaz. Guitarist Manuel Charlton pulls off some Pagey riffs.
  3. I posted this website on one other thread. Which means you read my commentary already.
  4. Check out this website concerning LZ's musical influences. turnmeondeadman.net ..and post your comments.
  5. It seems like I read somewhere that LZ opened for Spirit during their early days. Page must have heard Taurus played at some time and might have been inspired by it later to write STH. But.....as ZZ TOP says, "...I might be misstaken." Myself? I'm a half-a**ed.......make that quarter-a**ed guitar player. There is always that desire to write something that no one has ever heard before. Short of making a pact with the Devil, this attempt would be difficult without the influences of others. Would I be flattered if I heard another artist playing my song without my permission......or my writing credit?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I don't care if it is Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, or Jimmy Crack Corn And I Don't Care.
  6. I always thought it was someone sawing lumber!! I agree with barrios/wolfman. Probably Page scrapping his fingernail or bow on the string of his guitar.
  7. Agreed Les. I Wikipediaed Jake a while back and was suprised to read how many famous jingles he wrote and how familiar they are.
  8. Were they influenced? Positively. Did they borrow without permission? Absolutely. Most bands are influenced. Gene Simmons/Kiss stated that he based his song "Deuce" on the Rolling Stones tune "Bitch". The Wilson sisters/Heart said their galloping intro to "Barracuda" was based on LZ's "Achilles Last Stand." John Lennon reportedly played "Norwegian Wood" for Bob Dylan and Dylan tried to best him by writing "Fourth Time Around." Unfortunately, I must admit that I believe that Page/Plant nicked......no, gouged many of their earlier tunes. I'm sure that Jake Holmes (Dazed And Confused), Bert Jansch (Black Mountain Side) would agree with me. It can be argued that if Page HAD NOT recorded HIS version of Dazed And Confused that the masses would have never heard this unearthly tune and Jake Holmes name would languish in even deeper obscurity. No one would have heard this song. Here is a website you might want to check out concerning this subject turnmeondeadman.net and post your comments here. Let me finish by saying that I am still a big fan of Zeppelin and love their music....no matter who wrote it.
  9. Yeterday, I awoke to my radio alarm clock and heard on the local NPR/BBC station that there was a Zep reunion tour in the works. I got on my computer and went to msn.com to see if they had any news items about this. They had posted a video of The Ocean possibly from the MSG footage. What surprised me was the source. It said Atlantic Records "Live In Seattle" Anyone heard about this?
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