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  1. DRUNK08


    Yes. Why? Because I thought we were having a conversation about the validity of astrology, which the poster was challenging, and then I get a reply saying "they use it to plan wars". Ok. So where does this answer come from and what does it prove? First the poster is badmouthing astrology, and then comes back with a random comment that has no place in the discussion, which actually works against the person's point. I mean, if "they" use astrology" to plan wars, it must have some validity, doesn't it? And like using something to plan a war somehow makes it bad..............nice logic. Ok. War is bad+Astrology used to plan a war=Astrology is bad/not valid. I could have used a nice explanation like Electrophile used, but using the word "retard" saves me time.
  2. DRUNK08


    Can someone else please come to my aid here? I don't want to be the only guy who calls this person a retard. Thank you.
  3. DRUNK08


    You might want to reconsider. Perhaps you've come across bad information or something. Real astrology is as close to science as it gets. You just have to find the right experienced person to make sense of all of it for you.
  4. DRUNK08


    I would recommend not going to a psychic, but it has nothing to do with whether they're abilities are real or not. The reason why you shouldn't go is because the things they say don't always turn out to be correct, and you don't want the wrong information influencing you. They will gain your trust very quickly by telling you all types of real information about yourself and your life etc, so the things they say after wards get imprinted in your mind. It's unavoidable. I haven't figured out the psychic abilities yet, and I don't think anyone can. I think they see you and your whole like up until the moment, and then the path your are currently on, at that very moment, and whether that happens or not is up to everything else. I also think they are heavily influenced by thoughts or mental images you are giving off. I don't think seeing psychics is a negative thing, but most people cannot handle it. I'd recommend going to an astrologer instead, where the information is based off of science, and doesn't involve psychic predictions. Getting yourself figured out astrologically would is probably the most important thing anyone can do.
  5. DRUNK08

    Free Financial Advice

    I would be interested on your opinion of day trading, and maybe a detailed, yet simple explanation of it for those of us who are not knowledgeable with the financial area.
  6. DRUNK08


    This is terrible news. I read the update this morning, and it bothered me for a large part of the day. It's depressing. Just reminds you how precious life is. So short, and you never know what's going to happen. It's good to get reminded of this. Helps you view things with a more pure perspective, but we all soon go back to our other ways. Just keep this in mind: We had a vibrant, intelligent, friendly 51 year old man, stricken by this disease, and now the end is near. I can't believe the guy I just talked to not long ago isn't going to be here anymore. Just awful, absolutely awful. As for Charles, I knew him a bit through PM communication. We weren't friends really, meaning I cannot claim that we were buddies, like some of you can. We didn't communicate very often and didn't know each other that well, but we had very open personal communication, as two strangers, that you would have with someone who was your friend in real life, and I liked him quite a lot. I come here to skim the updates, but I'm not active, but if I was, I probably would have had a lot more communication with Charles, and so I can imagine how some of you are feeling right now, who were really his regular friends. The word "hospice" to me is frightening, and I am imagining what the situation is like right now, and I wish I wasn't. And this may sound harsh and this may be rough for some, but I have some experience in this area, and I want to say a couple of things: Monitor Charles' situation closely. Hospice is a big business, and they will do everything possible to keep someone alive who should have passed on, because they bill the hell out of Medicare/Medicaid etc. Yes, I know this personally. So, let the man go when he needs to, and be very careful of whatever further treatment he gets. Charles is dying, and as horrible as it is, it's the truth. There is nothing nice about this situation. I wish I knew more about him and I wish I knew more about what he's said in these last months. I hope that his brother will write something for us, so we all know a bit more. I don't have a whole lot else to say. The situation is very sad, and it sucks. I feel terrible about it to be honest.
  7. DRUNK08


    Well this was stickied, so that tells us something. Are there any updates? I think we should get one.
  8. DRUNK08


    I think we would all like to hear some news, but I think at this point, the man is just trying to live his life, and the forum is the last thing on his mind. Obviously, I hope he is having success and dealing with this thing as best as he can, but he's probably having an extremely hard time, otherwise maybe we would have heard something.
  9. DRUNK08

    Dennis Hopper RIP

    Has was 74 years old, which is a decently long life, so I think maybe unfortunately he was negligent about his medical care. No one wants to do it, but fur guys it's really important to get those prostate checks, and to get blood work etc consistently. Prostate cancer is easy to catch early and treat, so I'm guessing he wasn't paying attention and getting regular medical checkups, otherwise they would have caught it. It sucks. Hopper was a great actor, especially playing psycho roles. It's a big loss.
  10. DRUNK08


    What's the latest with him? It's been awhile since we heard an update. I'd like to know how he's doing.
  11. DRUNK08

    I don't get the Lady Gaga hype!

    I can't stand her. I think she's awful. Her lyrics are garbage. But then I saw her ass, and my god, I could eat it. Look at this picture, just do it: http://thedailyfix.com/2010/04/21/lady-gaga-wants-her-ass-to-be-worshipped/gallery_main-0421_gaga_ass_01/ Wow. What do you think of that? I just hope "she" doesn't turn out to be a man.
  12. DRUNK08

    R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio

    Wow. When something like this happens, it always reminds you of how precious life is. I didn't expect this so soon. He was just interviewed last month and he looked pretty good. He always had great energy, and it seemed like he was far away from death. I read an interview with him where he said he only eats meat, and doesn't like any fruits or vegetables. Then he got stomach cancer. Just something to think about I guess. I would be more shocked by this news, but I already read the rumor this morning. Where there's smoke, there's usually fire.
  13. DRUNK08

    But it's a religion of peace....

    No one brought up Christianity in this thread. It's kind of an irrelevant comparison anyway. Of course there are two sides to every story, and I understand why Muslims are angry. I would be angry too if I was a Muslim. However, beyond any sort of political policy which is a cause for anger etc, there remains a fundamental ideology which prevents Muslims from ever fully embracing the western world. And in a world where large amounts of Muslims are immigrating to western nations, this is a problem. Even if we took away the Israel issue, and we took away the wars etc, this problem would still remain. The integration of Islam with the non Islamic world is an extremely complicated issue. Unfortunately, it hasn't been successful thus far. Who's fault is that? Well, it's certainly not the host nations' fault. In Europe, where there has been massive Muslim immigration, the host nations have generally had an extremely liberal and tolerant policy. Yet, Muslims fail to integrate, they typically abuse the social systems, and they generally turn which ever area they settle into something worse than it was before. Despite all of the opportunities they have in their new countries, they continue to be a failure. Then we must look at their home countries. Nearly every Muslim country is plagued by war, fighting, cruel "justice" systems, human rights violations, and a zero tolerance policy for anything non Muslim. You can build a Mosque anywhere in the world, but try to go to a Muslim country and build a church or some other place of worship. You simply will not be allowed, and if by some chance you were, it would likely be violently destroyed. There's a lot of hypocrisy in Islam: they immigrate to other nations, and expect those nations to cater to all of their religious rights, but in their home countries, they refuse to return the favor. Maybe all of the religious texts have violent or non peaceful words, but Islam seems to be the only religion in modern times that actively follows these words. The evidence is everywhere.
  14. DRUNK08

    But it's a religion of peace....

    I'm not talking about Christianity. No one goes around claiming Christianity is a religion of peace, but that's certainly become Islam's slogan. Since they keep on preaching this religion of peace garbage, then they've invited it to be discussed. Your comparisons, or the similarities you speak of, are irrelevant. The actions of Islam and Muslims around the globe make this pretty clear.
  15. DRUNK08

    But it's a religion of peace....

    Islam a religion of peace. That's some great marketing propaganda right there for all the liberal clowns to feed on. The Koran is full anti peace words, so we can start there. Fundamentally, Islam is not a religion of peace. Then we have to look at the actions and behaviors of Muslims in general. Certainly not peaceful. I could write a whole lot more, but the topic exhausts me.