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Jimmy 66

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    Darkest Depths Of Mordor
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    Zeppelin , Hendrix , Rock Music , Guitars , Bikes , Comedy , Movies , Good Times !
  1. Jimmy 66

    Joe Bonamassa

    The guy is great , one of the best guitar players in the world right now . Seen him twice , awesome .........not to be missed !
  2. Jimmy 66

    most over looked zeppelin song

    The poll is pretty useless , not enough choices I'd Say ; Tea For One The Crunge & Candy Store Rock Monster Tunes !
  3. Jimmy 66

    Aerosmith vs. Rush

    Rush are the dogs bollocks ..................it's not even close !
  4. Many Happys James Patrick Now pull yer finger out and get that new record out dude !
  5. Jimmy 66

    Page's Guitar Strap

    Ha Ha , yeah that thing was horrible , i used to wince every time i saw that skinny thing holding up a big heavy Les Paul . I don't know how he did it ! lol
  6. Jimmy 66

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Fook Me !
  7. Jimmy 66

    Have you ever been called a SHOW OFF?!

    As my grandfather used to say " If you've Got It .......Flaunt It "
  8. Jimmy 66

    Orlando 71

    Monster gig ..............Jimmy is like a man possessed !
  9. Jimmy 66

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

  10. Jimmy 66

    Must Have shows

    Errr ..........all of 'em !
  11. Yeah , as an audio cd i like the Wendy version , lots of definition and clarity !
  12. Jimmy 66

    Happy Birthday Jimmy!

    Happy Birthday Pagey , the Worlds Greatest Guitarist ...........and a free bus pass too !
  13. Jimmy 66

    RIP Michael Lee

    A terrible loss , R.I.P. Michael , you will be greatly missed !
  14. Jimmy 66

    My Strings Are SO Old.....

    Yeah , i too hate old strings cos they go all tight like cheese wire and hard to play , plus you loose all the resonance and sustain with cruddy old strings . I like 'em nice and fresh and change them once a month .