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  1. The guy is great , one of the best guitar players in the world right now . Seen him twice , awesome .........not to be missed !
  2. The poll is pretty useless , not enough choices I'd Say ; Tea For One The Crunge & Candy Store Rock Monster Tunes !
  3. Rush are the dogs bollocks ..................it's not even close !
  4. Many Happys James Patrick Now pull yer finger out and get that new record out dude !
  5. Ha Ha , yeah that thing was horrible , i used to wince every time i saw that skinny thing holding up a big heavy Les Paul . I don't know how he did it ! lol
  6. As my grandfather used to say " If you've Got It .......Flaunt It "
  7. Jimmy 66

    Orlando 71

    Monster gig ..............Jimmy is like a man possessed !
  8. Errr ..........all of 'em !
  9. Yeah , as an audio cd i like the Wendy version , lots of definition and clarity !
  10. Happy Birthday Pagey , the Worlds Greatest Guitarist ...........and a free bus pass too !
  11. A terrible loss , R.I.P. Michael , you will be greatly missed !
  12. Yeah , i too hate old strings cos they go all tight like cheese wire and hard to play , plus you loose all the resonance and sustain with cruddy old strings . I like 'em nice and fresh and change them once a month .
  13. All i know is it won't be coming out this year or anytime in the near future because i know people in the DVD distribution industry and there are no planned releases to the wharehouses as yet and these things are known well in advance ......so keep on hoping but don't hold yer breath !
  14. Some people have a thick skull i guess I just hope and pray it's the best man for the job ...............CHRIS CORNELL He would fit like a glove IMHO
  15. Thanks for the info PageAngel , basically £9.50 then , i hopefully will see yourself and Manu on the 23rd also as that's when myself an Black Country Woman will be coming down . I'll look out for you , see ya then
  16. How much is it to get in the Zep exhibit ?
  17. The first time i heard them .........It was "You Shook Me"...... played really fuckin' loud on Vinyl ........That Intro .........WOW .........It sent a shiver down my spine ........my brain exploded ..........and i was instantly hooked !!
  18. What an Epic final , but in the end it just wasn't to be for my man Roger , there was hardly anything between them all through the game but at the end of the day you can't win them all , this had to be the best mens final in history , awesome play , no other men can live with these two on a tennis court , but i think the last rain delay and one or two unforced errors at the wrong time did it in the end . Roger is still number one and i know he will win it next year , i can't see Nedal doin' five on the trot as good as he is , Roger is still number 1 and his grace and humility even in defeat should be a lesson to us all . My thoughts are with you Roger , you are still Numero Uno !!
  19. Err ......swap it for a Marshall ..............the're much more Betterer !
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