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  1. I was there and thought they were rubbish at the time. ITV aired it a couple of weeks later and it sounded like a different gig. Technology is marvelous
  2. The Charlatans (UK for you Americans) on Thursday. Really lost interest in this band over the last few years, but it's a small venue they're playing and I think it'll be the last time I go see them.
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    http://www.myspace.com/stampedeofficial Here's one of the countless bands of that era that I initially thought were gonna produce the goods. I remember the live trax from Reading on The Friday Rock Show and bought the singles. In the studio, I thought they were awfull I just noticed another band in their friends list I need to check out http://www.myspace.com/waystedreality
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    Saxon was the first live band I saw, back in '83, closely followed by Maiden and Leppard (before Rick's accident). I pretty much turned my back on that whole genre but occasionaly listen to Maiden and the odd tune of a few other bands
  5. I'm just thinking about getting a ticket for Lynyrd Skynyrd on Saturday in Manchester. I'm not a massive fan, but the half dozen tunes of theirs I do like, I like a lot.
  6. Wintersleep; saw them a few nights ago, but it's a pity they play this song so early in the set
  7. I absolutely love the Pawn SHAPE ALBUM I do not apprececiate Elvis Planster does Bondies singer does I ABSOLUTELTY LOVE theh Bondies interpretattion of Elvis
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlkJC6eoKeA I might have been led (excuse the pun) on a wild goose chase, but I found this link today. The Seantors, with Bonzo on drums in 1964ish Anyway, I've never gotten into seriuos drumming discussions, or guitarist stuff (which is my first instrument, although hearing me you wouldn't believe it) but Bonzo had a power and individual 'pocket' that no-one else can emulate. I'm not a fan of double bass drums and have only recently realised that so many drummers had to employ them to 'replicate' his fills. And when they do use double bass, it sounds dead in comparison. Bonzo fealt what he was doing, cos like so many musician at the time, he was learning from genuine inspirators (haha, is that a word?) and not frickin dvds
  9. Not enough. I am a miserable shit these days and listening to Led Zeppelin reminds me how much I didn't give a toss as a teen/20+ My neighbours probably hate me rigth now,as it's just turned 2 in the morning. At least I'm not thumping my drums
  10. I didn't know about the surgery, but if you listen to any vocalist you'll notice a change over the years
  11. Its a cracking wee tune! I only bought a drum kit recently (had a couple for a few weeks a tt a time before, but now at 40 years old, I think I can judge how much the neighbours can take before the police are called) and this is one of the first beats I focussed on. It' a bugger! I can play it, not anywhere near as well as Bozo, but I got a handle on it. I think the samba breaks it up nicely (although I appreciate the cheesey comments) and makes it a light hearted epic!
  12. I was 11 when this came out and 16 when I got into the band, so reading some of your posts is interesting cos I didn't know who they were or actually, that they existed at the time. However, for some reason, I remember the news of John Bonham's death on TV and radio at the time but was more affected by John Lennon's parting a little later. I suppose a lot of us at that age rely on our elder's to shape our musical appreciation and rawk was not on any of family memebers playlists. Aww crikey, Moby Dick just came on as I'm typing this So, when I finally start readin into rock beyond Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Blackfoot (!) Stampede (?) and other older bands that I knew through my brother, Doors Beatles Stones I think "who is this band Led Zeppelin that the radio never plays?" It was just weird as there was never ever footage on British TV yet they mentioned Bonham's death at the time, but Freebird was regularily played on TV and radio for a period. There's too many references to critics and such in this thread trying to justify posters opinions of the album. When I did get to hear it ( as the last of theirs I bought, bar one) I admit that iwas dissapointed. But I was a teenager and there was so much heavy rock to discover (and be equally dissaopinted by, includiong the Deep Purple reunion). Now I view it on it's own merit. Like I do people I suppose. When you're young, you judge groups of people (be it their taste in music, their football allegiance or even culture and nationality) without lookin at the individual qualities of that person/recording and it's development. If anyone said to me "play me a typical Led Zeppelin song" it'd be from the IV album. If the same person enjoyed that track then said "play something completely different, but equally impressive from them" i'd have to play something from ITTOD There are moment on the album I forget what I'm listening to and go to turn it off, but something knocks me back and reminds me...This Is The BEST BAND EVER You Are ListeninTo!
  13. Never been a Who fan really, but seeing clips of recent gigs got me a little excited. But when I listen to the original recordings I am still left cold for some reason. On the other hand, I always said I would not go to a Zeppelin reunion as it would never fulfill the impression that their original recording have made on me. It's not just the lack of John Bonham's presence, but Robert's vocals are not the same either (understandably). When a dick like Tony Hadley from a pop band (as good technically as he might have been) voices concern about his own performances 20 years on, you have accept that a yelping Plant aint gonna happen. Christ, listen to some of Gillan's later performances!
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlkJC6eoKeA I only discovered this tday and thought it might show in the results of the simplest of searches here. It didn't.
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