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  1. The Charlatans (UK for you Americans) on Thursday. Really lost interest in this band over the last few years, but it's a small venue they're playing and I think it'll be the last time I go see them.
  2. I'm just thinking about getting a ticket for Lynyrd Skynyrd on Saturday in Manchester. I'm not a massive fan, but the half dozen tunes of theirs I do like, I like a lot.
  3. The Real Thing - Fatih No More Unfortunately, when I listen to them I can still hear some idiot screaming all the words to impress his mate at a festival I saw them at once. I was too drunk/tired to move away from him at he time, but he has scarred me
  4. This is what annoys me about music, when peoplpe throw in terms like 'hip - hop' and different genres of rock or dance or rap. # I'm h\ving a real Led Zeppelin session and appreciating rock, country, blues, god knows what from the Out Door era, but i LOVE IT fAITH nO mORE, were different at the time and should stay there
  5. Overdosed on Slayer, Kiss, Purple and others need some ZEPPELIN (by the way, can someone give me a kink to the Page Black Crows videos?)
  6. Glen HUghes What the hell was all that screaming about?
  7. I thought they were great 'early' on. Saw them a couple of times in the late 80's early 90's.
  8. neil68


    Seriously, I don't think it matters. They are probabby just as good as they were in 1981. ENJOY!
  9. Christ! I didn't get into Rainbow/Purple until I was about 14 (back in 1982 ish). Gillan had been producin some commercial tripe and Rainbow just had such an 'orrendous image, I struggled to get past that and just enjoy their music. I was at Knebworth and held them as my favourite band of all time a few years later, despite Richie's guitar sound being a bit rougher and Ian's drumming being less crisp. Then I saw them at the NEC the next year (or year after) and felt deeply dissapointed. Sluggish bunch of old men riding on past glories. But by then, I had discovered and collected the full catalogue of the mysterious Led Zeppelin, who barely attempted to make an impression on the mainstream media and had remained 'true' until the end. It's funny, cos I stumbled across this thread midway through a rare Deep Purple session I'm having (as opposed to the many Zeps I have) with a bottle of Red and some Speckled Hen. In conclusion; They were great in many of their forms, and poor in a few.
  10. neil68


    Pretty much how I feal, although I first got into them when For Those About To Rock came out (the last album of theirs I liked). Saw them at Brimingham NEC (England) in '84 and somehow managed to get right up to the stage. Still one of my all time fave gigs evn though it was an arena
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