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  1. i used the stairway to heaven picture in a music video for stariway to heaven. i had it on youtube, but now its disapeared :S anyway, awesome picture
  2. oh yeah, that might be the solution:D thanks ) keep answering
  3. she likes ballades, bob marley and some led zeppelin songs, like stairway to heaven and SBILY, but she also likes other Led Zeppelin songs, i just dont know wich
  4. Me and my band are having a consert in a couple of weeks, and we need ten of Led Zeppelin songs to play. we can play almost all of them, but do you have any ideas about which songs we should play?
  5. Thank you all so much for these helping advices!!! please contintue posting
  6. thank you:P i have been told no before yes :S i gguess shes kind of laid back, but i have self esteem issues, according to my friends =/ so now i'm really freaked. i think they're just telling me this because they don't have any chance with such a cute girl at all^_^
  7. nope, havent gotten that far yet -.- i'm kinda freaking out :'(
  8. Well, i want to ask a girl outon a date, and I thought i might need some music, so which one of Led Zeppelins songs should i use? she likes Stairway To Heaven, but i'm not sure please reply
  9. spring: Led zeppelin 2 ( what a whole lotta love, living loving maid) summer: houses of the holy, especially The Ocean, the crunge and dancing days autumn: Led Zeppelin 1 ( especially communication breakdown) winter: Led Zeppelin 4 (especially stairway to heaven and misty mountain hop)
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