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  1. I admit even now Robert avec Allison not bad either actually for the latest solo of rob Pity they can't get back together with drummer Jason I'm impatient to see them here in Paris
  2. hi from bibiche ! 5 ACDC 4 BEATLES 3 PRINCE (even if we never see him in Europe anymore and no way to get to Paisley 2 ROLLING STONES 1 LED ZEPPELIN Park in America!) HIPPY my claim I went to the Bath concert in the 70's !!) KISS to all the hippies
  3. There's a Lady who knows ....Stairway to heaven I'm still searching so long long long in time but who knows ???
  4. Led Zeppellin 2 in a mates flat in Bournemouth I was 17 and after went hitchiking to see them at Bath a long long time ago but I hope to see the new formation if thet get to France missed out on the end of 2007 at London SIgh !!
  5. Never long enough for me Led ZEP ??? just for fun bibiche
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