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  1. Well, what the topic says, first post in a while, I don't come around so much anymore, but that doesn't make me any less of a Zep fan. To me, Led Zeppelin is still the best thing ever! Just wanted to make that clear.. Anyway, Enjoy! Theres a part 1 to, but I can't be arsed posting it, im sure you can find it:P Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the reply! The above lyrics sound about right. But then, again, its hard to tell.
  3. I guess you are right Thats why I decided to ask about it, I've been listening to this song for so long without noticing. Heh, now I hear it all the time, it's like the pedal sqeak on SIBLY:p
  4. Could be, but why put it in when its so deep in the mix it can hardly be heard? Seems unnecessary
  5. Hi, I was listening to this song and I noticed that Robert sings/moans between 3.55-4.20. I never thought of it before, so I thought I'd ask about it. Does anyone know what he sings? Sorry if it has already been discussed. Thanks! /Munoz
  6. Well, for me kashmir is the heaviest song zeppelin ever made, along with levee and ALS. Also wanton song has a pretty heavy riff.
  7. Munoz

    Brave New World

    Yeah, I was required to read it in english class as well. I'd probably never have chosen it myself, so I'm glad my teacher recommended it. I think it was a good experience to read it, it certainly made me feel more secure about expressing myself in english, both orally and in writing. Note that my native language is not english, so this is definitely a great achievement for me:P
  8. Munoz

    Brave New World

    Thanks for the replies, I didn't think the topic would get so many:P Talking about wierd coincidences, this link was emailed to people on the FBO. http://livingwithstyle.com/1869955812-attn...ted7-juice.html I clicked it and read through some of the replies and to my suprise there is a person with the username Aldous Huxley that has posted there. This was only a couple of minutes after I had finished the book:P Anyway, you make a good point Manderlyh, I also thought they were "normal". Atleast in comparison to the "new world" people. One thought I had while reading the book was " Would it really be so bad to live in such a society?" Obviously, for us it would be completely unthinkable, but the people in the book don't seem to be bothered by their own way of living, since they don't know another way, and had we been born into the same place we would share their opinion. When the book came out it was provocative, to say the least, but assume that the book was published in the "New World" and the people there were actually allowed to read it. It's not hard to reach the conclusion that it woudn't have the same inpact on people. Then again if a book about the society of today was published in the same place, it would make people eat a lot of soma:P (Assuming, of course, that they were allowed to read it) Thanks! PS. It's a great book, it certainly makes you think, but I have read better aswell. /Munoz
  9. Munoz

    Brave New World

    Hello, fellow forumers! I have just read this book and was hoping to get your opinion on it. I myself think it was indeed very enjoyable, and the whole idea he puts forward is very interesting. It's the first book by A. Huxley that I've read, so mabye you could talk about similarities between this book and others of the same author? A discussion would be nice Cheers! /Munoz
  10. Thanks for the upload! Edit: I wrote that before I watched it... That was beautiful. Both Plant and Page performed brilliantly. The strings also go very well with this song. This made my day:)
  11. Munoz


    Is there a way to see the show besides having access to the channel?
  12. Yeah, it's definatly underrated, as most of the presence album, which happens to be my favorite album.
  13. Thanks! I guess it is safe to say that one can always count on SteveAJones' knowledge:P
  14. You wouldn't happen to know if any recordings exist? Are they any good? It's one of my favourites too, that's why I asked you people to share your opinion. Plant's sining is great on this one
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