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  1. I guess this thread is as good as any to submit the following. As some of you may know, I have been going through my old magazines reading Led Zeppelin stories and interviews from back in the day. I came across this interview Lisa Robinson wrote for Hit Parader on the occasion of the New York Premiere of "The Song Remains the Same". Excerpted from the April 1977 issue of Hit Parader. I have bold-faced the most interesting parts. Great find! I have been approaching this fall with an open mind and cautious optimism. The Page and Plant quotes from the article you rediscovered provide me with some sound reassurance. Thanks for the post.
  2. I came across this info from a video of the listening party for the Zep studio album remasters in 2014 . Page was asked about the first album remaster bonus disc Paris Olympia 69' concert recording … at 35 seconds he answers that the band didn't multitrack live shows until RAH 1/70. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELpnLmDtXWg
  3. I agree it would be fantastic. I recently watched most of the film for the first time in a long time. It is a pleasure to see the band onstage in 73 despite the production limitations. I have the 2007 version. I'll stick with that for now.
  4. I would think if Page is regularly playing or semi regularly playing out next year then an invitation to Crossroads may be of one the wonderful options available to Page. Either Page and his next band playing some songs (similar to what Beck, Santana and others have done) or perhaps Page sitting in with Clapton and band for one song with Page as a guest(similar to what Keith Richards did). I think both men respect and appreciate each other's musicianship. Both have been down the long and winding road of a musician. I would think Clapton would love to have Page included.
  5. Sounds like you're approaching this with much care. It does sound like a monumental project . A labor of love I'm sure. I like the idea of capturing the spirit and energy of a continuous concert. For me I'm not out to knock TSRTS. I'm glad we have it. So you will be using stills? Best of luck I look forward to checking out your project.
  6. I wish you well with this project. I hope you can find as much footage as possible . Is the project about capturing the spirit and energy of a continuous live concert? I am curious how you will be handling situations where footage does not exist. Have you considered using still pictures as Zep did for the Royal Albert Hall show on the Zep dvd.? I think using still pictures could be part of the solution. I hope you do not go the route of the Immigrant song on the LZ dvd. It's great to see in all but for me it's too much moving around. I have little to no experience with editing but I wanted to share this thought when I heard of your idea.
  7. happy b-day... thanks for the memories, looking forward to what's next, be well
  8. I take it these photos are never before seen? If so, it always amazes me when new items surface. These pictures are remarkably clear.
  9. I think the The Grateful Dead music has alot to offer. I like the songwriting, improvisation, space jams, covers. I like the way they draw on the Americana songbook (blues, R&B, folk, jazz, bluegrass).
  10. great pic. It sounds so obvious but wow he looks young in this photo. Maybe in part because the picture is offstage and away from the hype. It looks like it could be in somebody's 70s wood paneled basement. To me Plant looks like almost any guy from the late 70s a little bit buzzed on a Saturday night.
  11. Brian seems like a natural radio host. Mostly non Zep stuff which I also find very enjoyable to hear about. I swelled with pride as a Zep fan hearing Plant's complimentary comment about JPJ's bass line for Ramble On. Cool to hear Plant talk about some of JB' cars. I didn't realize Plant only lived 5 miles away from JB in those days. I noticed it's available to listen to for the next seven days.
  12. maybe I purchase online or I still like rummaging through used CD stores...
  13. do you know if Dreaming is online to hear in its entirety? I wasn't able to find. is it possible to post the full Firm records here? For those of us that no longer have them to relive. Regrettably my Firm CDs were sold as part of a bulk sale a few years ago.
  14. This was one of my favorites as well. I learned from Page's website recently that the bartender in the video is none other than Les Paul 'chatting it up with the ladies'.
  15. An' he kept on boogin'

    An' on an' boogin'

    Ahh have mery

  16. Just stumbled on this Paul Rogers show June 2010. Satisfaction guaranteed. I guess the music of the Firm does live on. glastonbury http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dBPQhGockM
  17. For me from a nostalgic point of view it was great and lots of great catchy songs. But a little too much stadium stlye rock for me. As way of comparison I would say almost the same thing about Plant's music from the 80s, nostalgic, a few catchy tunes, a little too pop for me. I much prefer Plants more recent rootsy reworks of in the mood, etc. I'm sure most of us would love to hear The Firm revisit their back catalogue with some fresh takes on their old songs. New material would be great, but i don't think it would neccessary to reform for a few fun, filled shows. Im thinking along the lines of what Cream did, but to more intimate size audiences I would much prefer a rootsy appraoch with some fresh takes on their old catalog and jamming some on blues rock, (maybe rockabiliy, jazz rock fusion, soul,classic rock n roll, acoustic-whatever turns them on). Also i like seeing/hearing Rodgers playing guitar with Page at times as well as rodgers on keys. I think it adds to their versatility. I like the fretless bass a la Jack Bruce. Now that I'm thinking about it love to hear them play a Hendrix tune (which btw Rodgers seems to like and can sing the heck out of) that included part of third stone from the sun (to get my jazz rock fusion fix) . And if they're willing to touch on covers their associated with how about The Hunter, train kept a rollin..oh yeah Personally, if they were to reform for a few shows I would like see them play a half dozen or so of their favorite Firm songs with a balance of blues rock, etc. as opposed to a straight nostalgic Firm reunion concert playing only songs by the Firm. I guess I'm saying this because although I might like the Firm from nostalgic point of view I'm not sure I like the Firm material enough to say I would encourage them to play Firm music only concert. Much in the same way I would not encourage Plant to play an 80s only nostalgic concert. So I guess what I'm saying is I would like them to use the Firm as a catalyst for getting together and then in my mind the concert would be enhanced by a more balanced approach by adding blues rock, rockabilly, classic rock n roll, jazz rock fusion, soul, etc.and for my tastes a Hendrix cover. As an example, This Firm live track (that i learned was written by Paul Rodgers and released on a solo record and later played on ARMS w/Page) is more the rootsy type of music what I would prefer to hear in addition to a fresh take on some Firm songs, if they were to reform for a few shows like Cream did (please oh please pick a smaller venue... forget the stadiums... capture the intimacy and jam for a few shows with the cameras rolling)
  18. Interesting point. i would hate to think Plant did that on purpose. I just don't think thats possible. I believe they were a band all four members. Its not what i would think of as a guitar record, but i think page's playing especially on the solwer songs is masterful and innovative. maybe Page did not have the final say as much as he may have in zeppelin, but I'd rather think of this as an full band album. Also, I think they all got songwriting credits.
  19. I think it's an excellent example of their songwriting. There are 2 to 3 songs I don't like as much but that happens. Putting WIC in context with their entire careers I think it stands up well. I also miss the Page solos, but I think the playing is very tasteful and in some ways a nice change. I'm gonna pass on the particulars about the producer but overall from a production standpoint I thought it was a tasteful piece of art. Also, i'll add the 98 tour was outstanding and i'm very glad i got to go, but since we're on the subject I like the Clarksdale material enough to say I think it would have been quite interesting to see them play in smaller more intimate venues with the Clarksdale material and only a few zeppelin songs as opposed to the other way around in stadiums.
  20. thank you I did not know full-length concerts are available. Awesome
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