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  1. I guess this thread is as good as any to submit the following. As some of you may know, I have been going through my old magazines reading Led Zeppelin stories and interviews from back in the day. I came across this interview Lisa Robinson wrote for Hit Parader on the occasion of the New York Premiere of "The Song Remains the Same". Excerpted from the April 1977 issue of Hit Parader. I have bold-faced the most interesting parts. Great find! I have been approaching this fall with an open mind and cautious optimism. The Page and Plant quotes from the article you rediscovered provide me with some sound reassurance. Thanks for the post.
  2. I came across this info from a video of the listening party for the Zep studio album remasters in 2014 . Page was asked about the first album remaster bonus disc Paris Olympia 69' concert recording … at 35 seconds he answers that the band didn't multitrack live shows until RAH 1/70. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELpnLmDtXWg
  3. I agree it would be fantastic. I recently watched most of the film for the first time in a long time. It is a pleasure to see the band onstage in 73 despite the production limitations. I have the 2007 version. I'll stick with that for now.
  4. I would think if Page is regularly playing or semi regularly playing out next year then an invitation to Crossroads may be of one the wonderful options available to Page. Either Page and his next band playing some songs (similar to what Beck, Santana and others have done) or perhaps Page sitting in with Clapton and band for one song with Page as a guest(similar to what Keith Richards did). I think both men respect and appreciate each other's musicianship. Both have been down the long and winding road of a musician. I would think Clapton would love to have Page included.
  5. thanks for the pictures, does anyone know what songs Robert sang on?
  6. For me the interviewer became antagonistic. I don't think I would've answered his questions either. And it makes me wonder what's even the point of all this press. Some press, okay I can see that, but is this too much press? At one point when being asked about drug use I like Page's suggestion that he could've been asked, what the climate was at the time, meaning the climate in the 70s. This suggestion by Page seems like a more general question that would be interesting to hear Page's perspective on. As we know the 60s/70s were a fascinating time in history that Page has first-hand knowledge of from the interesting perspective of being a professional, world touring musician. Page gave a straightforward and I thought informative answer to the question about the hermit in TSRTS.
  7. I love the instrumentals on the IV and HOTH companion discs. I'm surprised to hear himself say this but other than the instrumentals for IV and HOTH I'm disappointed the other tracks on the companion discs are not more different from the originals.
  8. I was able to access the npr stream starting on Robert's webpage. For some reason I was not able to copy and paste it here. Great to hear the record ahead of time. On first listen I really like it. There is a lot here to explore, a multiltextured, masterpiece.
  9. I thought it was good to hear also. Believe me I was humbly filled with pride. I meant to say he saw RP and the Sensational Space Shifters. Just to further clarify the P/P tour the friend saw was in '95. I found it a very interesting perspective to hear especially from someone who I know is a big-time music fan and likes Zep but doesn't follow as closely as we do.
  10. I spoke with a friend the other day who liked RP & Strange Sensations the best for all of Jazzfest 2014. This friend doesn't follow his career as closely as we do but did see Zep, P/P and BOJ. He thrilled in hearing so many Zep songs played by such great musicians with the variations including the Africian accents. Other than seeing Zep this was his favorite band with RP concert.
  11. This will be my first time tuning into the Tonight Show in a long time and the first time since Jimmy Fallon took over. I am wondering what questions Fallon will ask. I'm hoping he leaves out questions about Zep touring parties excess and a reunion out. I'm hoping he will ask questions where Page can tell some kind of story about the making of the music , maybe something about playing live in a favorite city, a particular touring year, or country, the music scene in the 60/70s , maybe something about Bonzo . Here's to Hoping.
  12. I think the passion and joy comes through. I think the music is very tasteful and creative. I agree with others I also hope he does continue to play around with the set list and I think he will. He makes me proud and want to follow my own passions. I have sentimental feelings about what if's for more Zepp music, but it is what it is and what it is to me is a pleasure. I was thinking the other day when I saw these on YouTube how lucky we are that Robert continues to follow his passion all these years later. For me from the days of first discovering Zepp's music in high school to now...what a great trip it's been...and continues to be...
  13. Sounds like you're approaching this with much care. It does sound like a monumental project . A labor of love I'm sure. I like the idea of capturing the spirit and energy of a continuous concert. For me I'm not out to knock TSRTS. I'm glad we have it. So you will be using stills? Best of luck I look forward to checking out your project.
  14. I wish you well with this project. I hope you can find as much footage as possible . Is the project about capturing the spirit and energy of a continuous live concert? I am curious how you will be handling situations where footage does not exist. Have you considered using still pictures as Zep did for the Royal Albert Hall show on the Zep dvd.? I think using still pictures could be part of the solution. I hope you do not go the route of the Immigrant song on the LZ dvd. It's great to see in all but for me it's too much moving around. I have little to no experience with editing but I wanted to share this thought when I heard of your idea.
  15. well, I was throwing it out there. I appreciate the comments. If people are interested in having three separate threads for the three box sets after June maybe somebody else will actually set it up, someone that is more active than I am. I always enjoy reading people's comments and of course putting in my own two cents worth. However we do it is fine with me. As far as going off-topic, well, your right, I don't want to go into that too much . There will be a lot to talk about. Maybe the different threads will just begin to pop up naturally for all kinds of different subjects like a new song, comments on a particular remastered song?, I'm not sure. I do find it is easy to get lost in a longer thread like this.
  16. Question for future discussions of LP boxed sets after the June release. Thinking ahead for when the releases are issued in June is it better for discussion purposes to set up individual threads for each LP box set as opposed to continuing this thread and lumping all three together. I'm thinking it's better to set up individual threads for each LP box set. I'm wondering what others think?
  17. I downloaded it also. I like their idea of offering it on vinyl with this CD as well. I may have gone this route if I was aware of that even though I do not own a record player at this time. Anyway, I like this kind of spacey music. My only regret is that there isn't more. I think there's about 30 minutes worth of music, I guess a little shy of what the old LPs used to be at around 36 or 38 minutes I think. I had read one review beforehand so I was prepared it is dark, and moody I found it easy to imagine any of the songs being an extended intro into In The Evening, part of a No Quarter improv, or even part of a Dazed and Confused extended improv . it reminded me a little of something the Grateful Dead might have done with synths as part of their "space" jams in the 80s but a little darker, I am not a Grateful Dead expert but I like what I've heard. It's great to hear JPJ continuing to create, ...ever onwards
  18. I see Cloud to Ground is now available on vinyl and MP3, not sure about other formats. I'm Looking forward to giving it a listen.
  19. Sounds interesting I wasn't able to open your link, there are some of the pics on her facebook page,
  20. thanks for the post. is there a backstory about the videographer you can share?
  21. thanks for the clarification. I think the radio station could have said this upfront.
  22. I stumbled across this radio show segment with Redbeard commemorating the 45th anniversary of Led Zep I. www.inthestudio.net I wasn't able to copy a direct link, this takes you to the main webpage when you scroll down some there is a picture of the Zep I cover to click on. It's about a 20 minute radio segment that is interspersed with what sounds like recent interviews with Page and Plant (I think recorded separately). Nice to hear some of their recollections. Plant remembers he was adjusting the PA while being onstage at the Fillmore West in '69, I guess there was no actual sound man! the webpage mentions Page confirms release of new box sets for I-III this year, not sure if this is a new quote or referring to a previous quote?
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