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  1. hey dave! i'm back!

  2. with brian may and dan hawkins.
  3. i only like two of the guitarists on your list, jimmy and clapton. only like one of the drummers, bonzo.
  4. it's actually by creedence clearwater revival
  5. Are you crazy! ALS is so wonderful! Wonderful guitar solo there. Fast driven drums, very heavy bass, moving vocals.
  6. uncut is my favourite magazine and i'm getting that edition. Best mag mixed with best band!
  7. i picked friends but i wish it had hey hey what can i do which is the b-side to the immigrant song. Awesome acoustic guitar.
  8. I'm reading Agatha Christie 'The murder of Roger Ackroyd'
  9. Same here! But I'm also listening to Jethro Tull Thick as a Brick.
  10. Thanks for adding me to your friends.

    Also, hey.

  11. I don't think Jimmy'll ever tell us. But I think he got it from reading one of his Aliester Crowley spellbooks.
  12. Led Zeppelin Rocks! I have every single Led Zeppelin album

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