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  1. Does anybody have a music notation/tab book published by Warners/Superhype? Surely that would be the definitive answer. FWIW, It's "big-legged woman" in my book, always has been always will be.
  2. Depends what you mean by "right". See the following essential website for all you need to know about the editing on all versions of TSRTS; http://www.thegardentapes.co.uk/index.html
  3. Warm places preferably for me, I live in Sunny Scotland after all. No particular ambitions to see anywhere special (other than the HR Giger museum in Switzerland) we just like going somewhere and seeing new things. We're just back from a 10 day, 4 city tour of Italy. Visited Venice, Rome, Florence and Milan. 2 days in Venice which, TBH was a bit meh though cool to see. I couldn't decide if it was elegantly decaying or just falling to bits in some places. 2 and a half days in Rome which was stunning, ancient historical (the Colosseum is truly a sight to see with the naked eye) and hot and sweaty (83% humidity, 30 degree heat, not good for us Scots). Florence was a day and a half but we kinda wasted the half day when we arrived cos we went the wrong way out of the train station! Our hotel here was a bit outside the city in a small town with a large industrial/shopping mall area but with a good train link so we weren't just in cities all the time which was nice. The mountain range we could see from that hotel had a cute wee castle on it! Milan was a day and a half in another gorgeous city but full of the kind of shops mere mortals like me can't afford. The first I laid eyes on was a branch of Tiffany's, one of two in the same arcade of shops. Milan Cathedral though is a sight to behold and it's main Train Station is the most beautiful train station I have ever been in, ever. Needless to say (if you're a fan of Italian food) the food was great and I like Italian beers so that was a bonus too. Bizarrely one of the most popular lagers all over Italy is Glasgow's own Tennent's Super lager, saw it being drunk by cool student types in Rome. Here in Glasgow we know that as "Rocket Fuel" because it's mainly drunk by what we call "Jakies". It's a strange old world. We travelled by train between the cities on the FrecciaRossa high speed trains, there were screens giving info about the journey and I was generally seeing around 250 km/h speeds, at one point the Mrs spotted 290+ km/h the fastest we've ever went on land. Very enjoyable trip if a bit brief due to the time constraints . Milan was pushed on us due to availability of flights back to Scotland but I'm glad it was, nice place. I'd like to visit Rome, Milan and maybe Florence again for a longer look around.
  4. There was another article in the Daily Mail a couple of weeks ago which in the print version ran to 3 pages of mostly photos. Online version; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5849983/Jimmy-Page-reveals-treasures-works-art-says-Robbie-Williams-putting-risk.html
  5. I & II in that order. For years my knowledge/only copy of I (on tape of course) didn't include the second section of HMMT, stopping dead at 05:30. It was copied from a cassette original but by a long lost friend, so I never knew if the original stopped or just the copy he did. Some years later I played a mate's vinyl copy in his house and an already fantastic and firm favourite album surprised me by becoming even better.
  6. Leaded glass in a door at the House For An Art Lover in Bellahouston Park, Glasow. the house was built in the 1990s but was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh (and his wife Mary M MacDonald) in 1901. CRM would have been 150 on 06/06/18.
  7. Vicious Rumor Club's rap cover of Whole lotta Love uses samples from WLL. From 1985 and still a favourite round here.
  8. Saw him a few times in the mid 80s when he was doing the comedy circuit as Bing Hitler including the two Sundays when the "Live At The Tron" LP was recorded. Very funny guy.
  9. Yer Welcome! Indeed! But the bootleggers don't pay any of the artists behind the musical quotes Jimmy cut out anymore than they pay Zeppelin, the Garden Tapes convinced me to hang on to the bootleg versions as well as JP's original official version. Must get round to buying the "Complete" one sooner or later.
  10. http://www.thegardentapes.co.uk/index.html All you need to know....
  11. Dumb-ass Rock 'N' Roll played by men in tights and make up. And I Love It! (Loud. of course). You don't need to switch your brain on much, it's well played, at times dodgily produced, rock music. A great front man with a terrible line in stage patter, a nasty brute of a bass player (who plays some great melodic basslines and walking stuff too) who spits fire and drools blood. What's not to love about that? The revolving guitarist and drummer positions have seen some great players, Ace was great for Kiss' sound and Peter's drumming fit in and gave the music a bit of a uniqueness. Special mention of course must go to Eric Carr who was, for me, the best drummer Kiss had. Kiss' ever present fifth member, the stage show, has always been a blast and in recent years has incorporated screen technology to great effect. Yes they're old men and not so agile anymore, yes Paul's voice is going, yes they have band members wearing Ace and Peter's make-up, but who cares? It's Kiss, it's just a pity there's no UK tour announced along with their recent EU date schedule. I'm hoping for a booking for Glasgow's newest arena which opens later this year. But then as my sig sez I hope that from Zeppelin eternally.
  12. My DVD copy stuttered too but I just presumed it was the layer break and made the same face I make when it does it during a movie, Grrrr!
  13. First off, I LOVE KISS and I love Led Zeppelin, for totally different reasons. Zeppelin I love for the sheer musicality of their songs, the complexities of the way their sounds are put together are a big part of what draws mr to them. Kiss, I love cause it's dumb-ass Rock 'n' Roll with an image. And at least i've managed to get to see Kiss a few times (Hint hint, LZ!) First time I saw PS do the wire stunt was at the last show of the 96/97 reunion tour at Finsbury Park, London. The wire was a bit too saggy and someone managed to catch his (7 inch leather) heel briefly which gave him a bouncy ride to his 2nd mike! Couldn't have put it better if I tried, Evster! I wonder if the reactions in this thread would be similar on another site if Jimmy said some nice things about, say, Eric Crapton which were quoted on an EC forum?
  14. You're welcome! Damn interesting thread. I have a little query meself. Years back when I was getting into seriously listening to Zep a friend gave me a tape of I & II, the a side "Led Zeppelin I" finished at what you could call the 'end' of "How Many More Times" immediately preceding Robert's little moan into the "Oh Rosie/The Hunter" section of the track. The tape me mate gave me was duped from a cassette copy of LZ I he had borrowed from somewhere and my tape had room to spare so my question is - is this a 'common' mispressing on cassette or was my boy just unfotunate enough to pick up a defective original? PS The 2003 'special' issue of Q magazine is well worth hunting down as is the 2005 Photo special they did on LZ also. The magazine itself's pretty crap these days but when they do these single artist specials they're usually worth nabbing. And no you can't have mine's. Happy NY!
  15. From your description it sounds like any one of thousands of dodgy rave/techno vids from the early 90s! Sweet, I haven't seen the DVD yet but I was hoping they'd include that, it was on the original VHS version of Monterey. PS Jimi IS God (Eric Who?), Frank Zappa is Jeezus! And Bonzo's the God Of Thunder.
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