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  1. Bill Graham behind Robert Plant !
  2. hola

    saludos desde México.

  3. Jimmy Page at the best !
  4. many thanks for this post, well, my best live impresion about Ten Years Gone: Shut up Bonzo !! Teeen Yeaars Bonham ! ::::::: this its my best track about TYG, i cried, im cry... I become very sad with this song, you can see it in my signature "Did you ever really need somebody, And really need 'em bad Did you ever really want somebody, The best love you ever had Do you ever remember me, baby, did it feel so good 'Cause it was just the first time, And you knew you would" greetings !
  5. Jimmy so tired !! it's like if he played Ten Years Gone...
  6. very well !! 24 of July .. . . . . ... thanks for
  7. I read somewhere that in 1977 when times were on the stage where Pagey, to interpret a song did not remember well the notes, Plant asked how this song? Plant sang it, and finally something was interpreted. This according to a person who was on tour with them. This person also commented that the world around the band was quite dark and airtight. He was not allowed to approach the band did not even talk to them, unless it was allowed, no cross words, and do not ask anything other than music. As someone said here, Pagey not again be the same, time and beyond that, the drugs consumed his talent. The best part is that this time he is standing, looks much better and I think it has much to do.
  8. May 1978, Clearwater Castle, The band performs tests for ITTOD; a song "Say You Gonna Leave Me" is interpreted by them ... In what ended it all? This song was part of another?
  9. Pagey, what happened??? what????
  10. Hey girl... Hi... your look so fine... pretty.
  11. this song, is maybe dedicated to Maureen sister's, her name is Shirley, somebody told about, so i think that the Mauren Sister's can be the inspiration behind. Robert & Shirley dated late 1980's or 1990 earlys... do you remember Jesse Lee Plant?
  12. also, John Paul Jones, yes, of Led Zeppelin
  13. All right, I do not doubt that you were that day, actually these two concerts I have a passion for years, I did not have the opportunity to be there, even if not born, you have my admiration, truly, you saw it live to Robert, I do not .
  15. ya, i think that these days were the most sadly remembered for Led Zeppelin, me too i miss really really the smile of Robert Plant, since these day he simply was not the same
  16. Many thanks for your information SteveAJones; you right... what Happened with Pagey in these days? i mean 25-27 of July...
  17. Richard Cole said that Robert went to the room of the hotel to check her, received a telephonic call, she was Maureen; two hours later it went down to the lobby saying this one to Cole, my son died tragical !
  18. hey ZeppFan... you talk about you was Day On The Green in 1977??? somebody was there???
  19. hi, what hapenned 23 july 1977??? Bonham, Cole and Gee was arrested the monday 25 of July... Does someone know that it happened this evening? many thanks !
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