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  1. Just finished up colorizing this photo of Bonham driving a Rolls Royce in 1970.
  2. I think you're right! Awesome! Thank you!
  3. Does anyone know what kind of car this is that Bonham is driving in this photo? Thanks!
  4. George? Is that you? I had read an article a while back about it. I could've swore they didn't know who it belonged to. I could be wrong. I'll see if I can find the article again.
  5. Hello all! I just recently got into colorizing photos. I've always loved this photo taken of the guys in London in 1968 by Dick Barnatt. Thought I'd give it a go trying to colorize it. Hope I did it some justice! Thanks for looking! -Josh
  6. guitarists: Jimi Hendrix Jimmy Page Eric Clapton Jeff Beck Carlos Santana drummers: John Bonham Mitch Mitchell Neil Peart Ginger Baker Keith Moon
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