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  1. This is me playing with my band Steeler
  2. I thought this thread was about the reason for having multiple amps (apart from the theremin one) on stage.... I come back from a holiday and it has turned into a pissing contest about who has had the most wanking sessions while analyzing Zep photographs. :-) hahaha. seriously. I know, it's fun to categorize all these insignificant facts. Does anyone know what picks he used during the 76 -Eurasian tour?
  3. It would make sense to have a cabinet on the other side of the drumskit. For himself whenever he felt like making a strole to other side of the stage (with no monitoring you'd have some trouble hearing yoirself pleasently) and for Jones and Plant. slaving them sounds plausibel as well. no monitors but also no house PA. So all you's hear in the back of the hall, would be what's coming from the actual amp itself. It's a wonder they maintained any hearing at all.
  4. I meant; Page has TWO stacks on stage. I know about the absence of PA's. Did he link the two stacks together with a splitter or did use one as backup or for a different sound so three amps in total...one for the theremin and two for guitar. why the two?
  5. On stage you often see the man using to full marshall stacks (setup in his own personal way) why did he use two stacks? The third one was for the Theremin. The other two must have been for the guitar. Was there one as a backup or did he link them together? Does anyone know?
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