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  1. imPLANTed

    The Black Sabbath Thread

    "geezers"...pun intended or no? LOL!
  2. imPLANTed


    Wonderfully said.
  3. imPLANTed


    Nobody's Fault But Mine? Sorry I couldn't resist. LOL!
  4. imPLANTed

    Your Username...why'd you choose it?

    A co-worker chose it for me because of my obsession with Robert Plant.
  5. imPLANTed

    What song is stuck in your head?

    Dandelion by The Rolling Stones
  6. imPLANTed


    Not every fan...I don't. They don't owe us anything. They've already given us more than we could ever ask for.
  7. imPLANTed

    Favorite Rolling Stones Guitarist

    Keith doesn't do Jack s*&t. He has always relied on the other guitarists in the band. Without them, he'd be nothing. Mick Taylor is the best!!!
  8. imPLANTed

    Neil Young

    I saw Neil Young last July and was in pure heaven the whole night. Even the newer stuff he played that I was not familiar with was so enjoyable because it is just such good music and songwriting. I actually cried tears of joy during my personal favorite Down By The River. Oh how I love this man's talent!
  9. imPLANTed

    Tom Petty

    My favorite Tom Petty song is Good To Be King. Anyone else love this song. Sometimes I listen to it over and over again and never get sick of it.
  10. imPLANTed

    In The Light

    Brilliant song. One of my top ten LZ songs.
  11. imPLANTed

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Mariah's Carey's Christmas album.
  12. imPLANTed

    Christmas Songs You Hate

    The Christmas Shoes...ugh! Doesn't the mom die in that song?
  13. imPLANTed

    Jimmy Page Responds to Keith Richards

    What a classy reply!
  14. imPLANTed

    Gem of The Song Remains The Same album

    I don't like the song.
  15. imPLANTed

    Zeppelin Music all over the media

    Behind ten seconds of a clip from a song, is that even legal of them to use their music?