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  1. A co-worker chose it for me because of my obsession with Robert Plant.
  2. Keith doesn't do Jack s*&t. He has always relied on the other guitarists in the band. Without them, he'd be nothing. Mick Taylor is the best!!!
  3. I saw Neil Young last July and was in pure heaven the whole night. Even the newer stuff he played that I was not familiar with was so enjoyable because it is just such good music and songwriting. I actually cried tears of joy during my personal favorite Down By The River. Oh how I love this man's talent!
  4. My favorite Tom Petty song is Good To Be King. Anyone else love this song. Sometimes I listen to it over and over again and never get sick of it.
  5. The Hallmark series "The Good Witch" mentions Led Zeppelin. One of the main characters recalls a time as a teenager when he snuck into the bell tower at a church and put a Led Zeppelin tape in instead. When they rung the bell, the whole town heard Zeppelin.
  6. Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd Jeremy - Pearl Jam Like A Stone - Audioslave Aquarius - Fifth Dimension So Afraid - Fleetwood Mac While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Beatles Kashmir - Led Zeppelin The Wreckers - Rush
  7. Geddy Lee wished me (okay, and several thousand other Americans) a Happy 4th of July. Saw Rush in concert that day. So I celebrated the 4th listening to a Canadian band. Nice.
  8. If you do a little investigating, I think you'll find that John and his son were just beginning to get their lives back together when he was killed. He was turning his life around at the time of his death. He did start to treat Yoko with love and respect. You need to take this into consideration before you label him a horrible person. He was an incredible daddy to Sean. My father left us when I was three and I never saw him again. If I saw him today, I wouldn't punch him in the face and ask him where's he's been. So who really knows how Julian feels except Julian. Lyrics from Beatles' song Getting Better. I used to be cruel to my woman I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved Man, I was mean but I'm changing my scene And I'm doing the best that I can (ooh) I admit it's getting better A little better all the time (It can't get no worse) Yes, I admit it's getting better, it's getting better Since you've been mine
  9. I do love the Rolling Stones. However, I saw their last show on PPV. I really feel it is time for them to step down. While most of the songs sounded okay, there was zero energy until Mick Taylor came on and did Midnight Rambler. I paid a lot of attention to Keith throughout the evening and clearly he was doing very little. Thankfully, Ronnie was there covering his @$$. Mick Jagger looked really good and healthy, but you can tell he's slowing down. I never was one for his "front-manship", so seeing less spazzing out was good for me. Is "front-mahship" a word? I guess it is now. Ha Ha! And Charlie, well what can I say? Charlie still has that happy impish grin on his face. Always has and that is one of the reasons I like him. This is why I will say time and time again, I am so glad Led Zeppelin went out when they were still on top (not that I am not terribly sad about Bonham's death). This is why I am so glad they did the one-off in 2007 and did not continue with a tour. I would have hated to have seen them fizzle out as the tour went on. Let's face it, age does catch up with all of us.
  10. I agree BUK, it would have been more appropriate for someone more serious to do the speech...certainly someone from the music world, however, I loved what Jack Black said. Have you all seen the extra at the end of the School of Rock DVD where Jack Black begs Zeppelin to use Immigrant Song? So frickin' hilarious! Perhaps instead of Jack Black they should have gotten Jack Bruce.
  11. The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl August 23, 1964 Dr. Ebbetts Mix
  12. My stupid alarm awoke me from one of the best dreams I've ever had. I was just about to join Alex and Geddy for dinner with a couple of friends of mine. So sad when I woke up. Ha Ha!
  13. I'm going to see Mr. Buckingham on Saturday. Can't wait!!!!
  14. oops! Here's the rest! Ha Ha!

    ...floor and light them up anywhere on the floor where everyone could hear it. Evidently, it didn't work out.

  15. Hi Strider,

    Here's the info. you wanted regarding ZFF's antics.

    The section where I was supposed to sit at was section 16 (The middle), row 8 and seat 8. We had pretty decent seats, it would have been so much better had we had stayed in our seats and not dealt with so much drama. As for the M-80's, my other friends and I were planning to make our way to the flo...

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