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  1. especially since You Shook Me is credited to Willie Dixon on the album itself. It was'nt just blues they took from. Folk as well. I'm all for borrowing, but at least give partial credit to your sources. (they at least redeemed themselves in the changes in the credits on the newer releases compared to the original. I am in the thinking that had Traveling Riverside Blues been on Zep II instead of the Lemon Song, they would probably have still solely credited themselves for it.....as Robert Johson was yet to be a household name....that would'nt be until the boxed set came out.
  2. A dog that was in fact named after the character from Tolkien's LOTR. So you had it partially right.
  3. If you are on a reliable site w/ real collectors....you will get only the best versions of these shows. In fact, you'll be getting low generation recordings before they are even sold as bootlegs from Japan. Nowadays, the bootleggers who sell the silver cd's in the fancy package are oftentimes downloading these shows from the same sites. It's hard to follow that path though. They may get them indirectly. Either way, you .....and anybody else that wants them gets them for free....and that helps curb the amount that are sold/ordered via the net direct from merchants in Japan.
  4. I guess you've never heard Page at his worst? .......and the rest of your statements are regarding Led Zeppelin Vs VH, not Page vs Eddie.....VH did'nt have Bonham, Jones, or Plant. Page is nothing more than 1/4 of greatness.
  5. Yes, but no one plays Page-esque solos anymore either....so that is a moot point. Fact is...EVH did in fact turn the guitar playing world upside down for quite some time. An entire genre of music was spawned from it. There would not have been the entire 80's glam rock scene had it not been for VH....(even though I can't f-ing stand a single one of those bands) I still have to give EVH credit for that. Everyone tried to play like VH...which also meant everyone stopped trying to be Page......that is until GnR came around. Just to clarify, Page is by all means my favorite musician, but also
  6. Greetings. Another Hotel resident I suspect?

  7. JPJ pretty much mirrored Page's riffs on much of the early Zep tracks. That had alot to do with Page already having that first album ready to record before ever having the band together. It was'nt until they started writing songs together that JPJ really started to show off his original talents. But that has everything to do with the material at hand and what was required of him at the time so..... for me....peaks would be Bonham..73-80...he always had the ability, but IMO became a smarter/more efficient drummer as the years went on. Just watch Tous en Scene vs Knebworth. He went from use
  8. The way I see it is.....a tour was planned, dates were booked, tickets went onsale, they sold like hotcakes, demand was higher than expected and a decision to add dates was made. Adding a show before opening night must have been the only option due to prior bookings by either Plant/Krauss and/or the venue itself. so.....sold out performances, added dates......this is a bad thing???? Hell no! It can only drive them to add even more dates/stretch the tour further. If demand keeps up, they might actually take this thing out of the Bible Belt. I'd love to see them come to the Wash DC area bu
  9. Lawrence Welk??? Gimme a break.....this is closer to the roots music that helped spawn Zeppelin than anything else Plant has ever done. He's come full circle in this project. Just wait till next year when they win album of the year.
  10. He was talking about Zep.......in reference to the 02 gig. This WAS filmed before it you know!!! Has absolutley nothing to do with a Zep tour.
  11. IMO, that FOO's song was pretty damn boring. It lacked everything I look for in a song. Just repetitious power chords and screaming. Blah!!!
  12. I said....for those who crossed oceans and spent upwards of $5000+ (some spent ALOT more than that when all was said and done) just to see a friggin concert ......one that was billed as once in a lifetime one off concert. Then to have them do a world tour afterwards.......yes, I'd be pissed. Zep are my favorite by far....but no band is worth spending that kind of loot on unless it's is in fact a once in a lifetime event.
  13. and as I noted earlier....you don't have to be friends with Page,Plant or Jones...you only need mgmt that knows someone in mgmt somehow indirectly involved. And futhermore, Page, Plant, and Jones are just as guilty when it comes to making a call and getting access wherever and whenever they please. In fact, they are on the very top of the celeb food chain along w/ Jagger and McCartney etc...
  14. Too bad Raising Sand was released just after eligability for this year's Album Of The Year or it would have definitely been a heavy contender. Congrats to them for Gone Gone Gone!!!
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