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  1. I guess you've never heard Page at his worst? .......and the rest of your statements are regarding Led Zeppelin Vs VH, not Page vs Eddie.....VH did'nt have Bonham, Jones, or Plant. Page is nothing more than 1/4 of greatness.
  2. Yes, but no one plays Page-esque solos anymore either....so that is a moot point. Fact is...EVH did in fact turn the guitar playing world upside down for quite some time. An entire genre of music was spawned from it. There would not have been the entire 80's glam rock scene had it not been for VH....(even though I can't f-ing stand a single one of those bands) I still have to give EVH credit for that. Everyone tried to play like VH...which also meant everyone stopped trying to be Page......that is until GnR came around. Just to clarify, Page is by all means my favorite musician, but also being a guitarist that's been playing for 25 years, I know who the most influentual guitarists are....Hendrix #1, EVH #2.......but if you want to talk about bands, Beatles #1, Zep #2. and thumbs up on Derek Trucks.....IMO even more skilled as a player than Duane ever was. And that's saying a mouthful!
  3. Most of mine averaged around $10-15 per # of records. But that was before cd's...and LONG before cdr's.....and many of them were excellent. I can still remember racing home to put on a new one...of course never knowing what to expect (often dates were wrong, songs were out of concert running order, etc..) and having my head explode with the joy of hearing my first true sbd live Zep recording!! And collecting those LP boots was alot more meaningful to me than having a cabinet full of 100's of cdr's. I do miss the old boots. I still have some...a few picture discs and such.
  4. Well depending on the label, some of theose old vinyl boots can fetch a nice price. Especially the rarer ones. As already mentioned there were so many knockoff labels in the mid/late 80's. I stated my venture into Vinyl boot collecting around 78-9. I had a friend who's father owned a small chain of used record stores. (one in Annapolis, one in Bowie, and one in College Park...all in Maryland...called The Record And Tape Exchange) I used to skip school, handout in the Bowie shop, smoke weed and pick tunes to play from the biggest unsealed record collection you could think of. Whenever the bought shitloads of records from people, my friends would have me stock them...and in turn I got to pick a few records to keep. Of course I always went right to the Zep section and pulled one of the many boots they always carried. By 1985, I think I had over 60 titles.....just Zep. I had many colored vinyl boots, picture discs, 78 sized discs that played at 33 1/3. Shaped discs (had one shaped like a blimp.....never seen another like it), boxed sets...etc..... Then my girlfriend went away to college in New Orleans and I was only making like $3.15 an hr back then....so I took all my money, bought a plane ticket to go to NO from New Years till Mardi Gras....had two suitcases, one with clothes, the other w/ Zep boots and for the next two months lived off of selling them a handfull at a time at various record stores around the French Market and Jackson Square. I miss those old boots....but...yes, she was worth it! Wherever she is.
  5. I was a tour mgr for a band in the ststes for close to 10 years.....it hardly ever makes sence...you try and make it work the best you can....and once you're at the level of being able to afford small private jets, it really does'nt matter. BTW, Sirius Satellite radio said Plant/Krauss are confirmed for Bonneroo. Not that that makes it set in stone.
  6. nice to get a quote from an actionfigure. when i was but a wee lad, my oldest brother...7 yrs the wiser...would not allow Kiss on his turntable....much less in the house...on the grounds they were actionfigures (this was in the late 70's)
  7. Saw them May 1st 85 and March 19th 86........both at the Capital Centre. I still remember them well. In 85 I bought the black shirt w/ the blue firm logo in the front.......in 86 I got the black shirt w/ Jimmy in the Stormtrooper getup on the front. Had REALLY good seats (like most of my Cap Centre shows back then as I had the ultimate hookup) It was really great...at the time. Sadly, today I can hardly make it through a Firm album....or Outrider for that matter. They just sound too damn dated. It's that dreaded 80's production value thing again! What I do listen to are the few choice sbd's from either tour, the pro recorded Westwood One show, and the outtakes and pre Firm XYZ session which is where a couple Firm tunes stemmed from. (this was the basement session that got Jimmy to pick up a guitar for the first time since Bonzo's death. Jimmy's neighbor Chris Squire (from Yes) talked Jimmy into coming out of his funk and the two along w/ Alan White did some jamming and kicked around w/ a handfull of tunes. Some made it into the Firm catelog, others wound up on Yes's comeback album 90210.
  8. I'm w/ Steve ^ on some of the best covers being something new brought out of the songs. If you think of the way Zep took old blues tunes and molded/shaped them into something entirely new......that is what I like Zep covers to do as well........if you are gonna do a straight cover....well you might as well listen to the original. There's a guy named Alvin Youngblood Hart that has taken some Zep tunes and brought them full circle....doing traditional blues versions of songs like Heartbreaker. It's really refreshing to hear them done this way. He also does NFBM, IMTOD, and the traditional Gallows Pole...which is back closer to it's original form before Zep got ahold of it.
  9. I don't believe there ever was a last reel. From listening to what there is of Heartbreaker....I clearly hear the reel run out of magnetic tape and the leader tape run over the playback heads. It truly is a heartbreaker every time I listen to it.
  10. hootchie MOMMA!!! Can I get fries w/ that shake??

  11. w/ the Lennon shades. from around 88 in the white pants around 82....w/ the 76 cherryburst custom LP this past summer cruising the beautiful Severn River just outside of Annapolis where I live.
  12. Here's what I've had for over a yr now. 6/20/69 Incredible shot of Jimmy and Bonzo in a total visual/audible connection.
  13. Living in Canada is like living on the top floor of an apartment, there's always a kick ass party downstairs, but you're never invited!
  14. Guess who?? LOL Let's turn this mother upside down!!!

  15. And also don't forget that music is art. Each person takes something different from it. There are people out there that think Devo is the best band in the world. There is no "best" when it comes to art. You have your favorite..and that's about it. Zep are 4 guys that for some reason or another....and interlined with many factors in both the music scene and society ......had their stars alligned at the right moment in time. Any other time or place, or choosing the opposite direction in a fork in the road and they could very well have been nothing more than another Foghat. Plus many of the most ingenious musical passages/riffs/melodies/etc... come about by accident. Just ask the ulimate riffmaster Keith Richards. Lot's of Page's riffs came from on stage....spontaneously.....not preconcieved/imagined/ thought out well in advance. I too used to argue all things Page in front of the library before school........some 25+ yrs ago. Would draw Zoso's in any fresh cement I saw, would climb the town watertower with spraypaint...the works. Looking back......the guys I was arguing with were right, and so was I. We just learned to use the word "favorite" instead of "best" over the years. It's art. Most artists are never recognized in their lifetime if at all...the ones that are, including Zep, should consider themselves lucky.
  16. I'd never say MUCH better, if fact I prefer 73......but I understand people's love for the fire of a 72 show. To me, in 72, Zep was still in a mentality of conquer by sheer stage prowess. Each member was in peak performance condition......but to my ears they sometimes went a bit over the top. In 73, they KNEW they had conquered and were now enjoying the spoils. They played the biggest venues of each market and the band played with a comfort which lent to the fluidity of the music. Each member, although not in 100% prime (especially Plant, who blew out his voice or had nodes on the vocal cords) ,seemed to take a baby step back for the good of each song. No one was stepping on anyone else's toes musically, and the band was performing the way I believe they invisioned the difinitive versions of those songs to be. It's the one year in live Zep where I can really close my eyes and focus on the beauty of the song instead of either picking out one members performance....or having it thrown in my face. 72 was like a top fuel dragster revving up and down, peaking at red line levels........73 was a Ferarri cruising at 120 mph on an open highway. I'll take the Ferarri. and just for the ringer....the version of No Quarter from TSRTS, is BY FAR my favorite version and contains what I consider Page's most beautiful guitar work of his entire stage career.
  17. I think he's sexiest in the general forums.
  18. IMHO, Page did'nt know where the hell he was until WLL at the Southampton gig. Dancing Days is pretty decent, but there's definitely some embarrasing moments in that show for him for the first 3/4 of it....and he'd never put the whole thing out there. How Many More Times kicks some serious ass though.
  19. IIRC, was'nt the famous Anderson Theater show (semi-) "officially" released....and very quickly shelved right after the breakup of the Yardbirds because it contained tunes Page wanted to save for the future band.
  20. ......and to be fair to other guitarists..........only Jimmy had Bonham/Jones/Plant to make them shine. For instance........I'll take any Jeff Beck album over Outrider any day of the week. Same goes for Page/Coverdale. To go through life with "he can't do any wrong" is living with blinders on and something I'm sure you'll outgrow as I have over the last 25+ yrs since I've been a Zep fan. Sure Page was incredible......but that's mainly because of Led Zeppelin...something he was 1/4 of. If he was such a genius he would have continued to uphold that standard. Fact is, he had a friggin incredible 10 yr run and then the well ran dry. I admire the hell out of the man, but I'm also not gonna protect him like he's my little brother getting beat up in the school yard. Page deserves his accolades.....but his faults should also be mentioned as he is nothing more than a mortal man no different than you and I. Page is by far my favorite guitarist, but far from the most talented....and he'd be the first to tell you he's been blown away by John McGlaughlin (who personally taught Page a thing or two) or even semi recently Jeff Buckley, who Page said he was bewildered at the fact that he thought Jeff was using alternate tunings when he really was'nt. Page himself has also put his boyhood friend Mr Beck as the better of the two.
  21. The telemaster is Danny Gatton, Not Beck.......I put two Gatton links at the bottom of my post.
  22. Here's dynamics and feel to the utmost .....plus unrivaled orginality and crazy technical ability.... especially on the whammy bar. and here's just plain blow your head off skill.....all while including subtle tone changes....all with no effects other than a tele and a fender tube amp. He can make that sucker do anything with it!!! There's a reason why he was deemed "The Telemaster" and put on the cover of Guitar Player as "the best guitarist you've never heard of". He avoided fortune and fame and would rather play the local clubs than tour w/ the big boys which he turned down often enough. Same with Roy Buchanon...another local legend here in the DC area who turned down a spot in the Stones. Feast on some of my hero....Danny Gatton. What he does w/ his right hand alone is to me more impressive than what VH/Vai/Satch and the rest of the shredders can do w/ their left. and just for shits and giggles....check him out when he's showing off just a little.... http://www.dannygatton.com/Video/austin_slide.mov
  23. Agreed, it's all taste. Page is indeed an incredible guitarist and has proved his mark at the top of the heap.......but there are a few that IMO stsnd obove and beyond. Page,Gilmoure, others are all guitarists that have been copied verbatim by thousands of guitarists around the world, but I can't think of many that can actually do the things Jeff Beck does on a guitar. Plus ....he's getting better with age. Page would even agree. But then there is another matter of just pure genius on a six string. Saw him once at the Birchmere in Alexandria Va. His name was Danny Gatton and he was the Paganini of the guitar. I've never been blown away by a guitarist like I was w/ him......and I've seen Page and Beck plenty of times.
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