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  1. Yes sir to both of you ! And it's sounding mighty fine ! Thank you !
  2. The result of this from a new friend, The Paris 1969 Led Zeppelin show in full fidelity, not sourced from a streaming mp3 source, but from a preFM source. A marked improvement indeed over the previously available version. Get it ! Any takers ?
  3. Has anyone done a test on this new source to make sure it's not lossy sourced ?
  4. You know what ? My bad. The song was "All Along the Watchtower", not a Zep song. Sorry. But the episode was still fantastic. Here's a few stills I just captured from the Sci-Fi channel full episode. Please forgive me I was loaded last night and totally fucked up what I thought I'd remembered.
  5. Did anyone see the newest episode of Battlestar Galactica on the Sci-Fi channel last night ? They were doing an all day marathon, but the 10pm (eastern) show was NEW. The Galactica 'humans' and Cylons went to Earth. Nuclear holicaust had wreaked havoc and as some crew were walking around, one of the cylons who'd lived on Earth 2,000 years prior found an old guitar neck. He remembered playing guitar for folks and the lyrics he sang were from a Led Zeppelin song. I'm terrible with lyrics but could have sworn it was from "The Battle of Evermore". I need to see it again, I was a bit tipsy and I forget the exact lyrics, but KNOW they were a Zeppelin song. Anyone else see it ? It was great and another nod to the Led Zeppelin legacy.
  6. Easily as good as the famous Fillmore East album when Frampton was in the band, this one has Clem Clempson on lead guitar and he smokes ! San Francisco, May 6, 1973. I think this is kind of hard to find now. It's a great recording and performance. Here's an account from a guy who was at the show. Yes, it's True, I was at Winterland that night and it was indeed Quite a SHOW. The Doors Opened right on Time at 6:30 and of course we headed for the Floor, This was Humble Pie !!! So, we were gonna be Down Front, Outta the Way, Hipsters. This ain't no Quicksilver Show, this was Mighty English Rock at it's Finest and we were STOKED, and very STONED. First band on Stage: STEELY DAN, The Original Band with Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter on Guitar & David Palmer on Vocals. The Dan ROCKED !!! They Played almost everything from their Classic first Record, and "Do it Again" featured a Mean Solo of 'Plastic Organ' as Donald Fagen, called it. We all knew these guys would be Headliners the next time they came to Town, {They DIDN'T Tour again for over 20 YEARS!}. The Middle Group was the: "Glam Band of the Week...SLADE. I had never heard of this Lot, BUT, they had had a Number One Hit in England, So here they be in all their Glory and Glitter, The Lead Guitar Player looked like a Martian and he had "ODD GOB" written on his Silver Suit. The Band KISS stole lot's of Ideas from these Boys, I never met a soul who actually Bought one of their Records, Ever. Well, after almost an hour...TA DAAAA....HUMBLE PIE !!! And Loudly, they cranked out; "Up Our Sleeve", there is only One word to describe this assualt on our senses, POWER !!! The second Tune? What else, could it be but "4 Day Creep" from the "Live at the Filmore Record", When the Crowd heard the First Notes of this, We all went NUTS. Next Steve introduced the Back-Up Singers: The Blackberries, and sat at a White Hammond organ, and launched into "Black Coffee" with a Dirty Rap Directed Right at the Girls and what he had planned to do to them after the Show, this is not on the King Biscuit Master because of the Subject Matter {it's R Rated). There were a few more 'Soul Numbers' performed, and just in time Steve jumped up from behind his Big Organ {His Pun, Not Mine} and Got back to Serious Rock Business once again with a KILLER: "Stone Cold Fever" that went on & on, it was Plenty longer than the "Filmore" version, It was Majestic and had some really pretty playing in the Middle section, the Guitar Leads by Clem and Steve were Amazing! This one Needs to see the light of Day again, and alas, it ISN'T on this CD...$#!* Also, not included is the Long, long version of "Rollin' Stone" they played that Night, again this would be due to the Lyric Content as they are very sexual, BUT, this version was way different from the other live Version and is also merits an Official Release. I am glad "30 Days" made it to the Record, BUT, again there is an EDIT here as Steve introduced it with a long funny Rap, that is Not here as well as ANOTHER Rap right in the middle of this Crowd pleaser. It isn't included as well, This Song could be from Another Night, and Not the May 6 Winterland show, if it IS Winterland, it's a great Edit. Some of the best Stuff IS here: "Halleluah, I Love her So" and "Hot N' Nasty" were SMOKIN'...these are the Best versions of these Pie Classics, out there. The Show closed with "Doctor", and again this was a great version. The encore on this night was "Honky Tonk Woman" and then "Roadrunner". It was all over by 2AM {The Official Winterland Closing Time}, if a show ran later than that they Closed the doors and became a "Private Party" until dawn. I do wish we had the ENTIRE SHOW here, (it would take 2 CD's) because there is less than half of The Pie's set included here. But, I doubt that will ever happen. This was a GREAT NIGHT at Winterland, and I will always Remember just How GREAT it was to see this Band Up-Close. Philip S. Wolf
  7. Those names might weigh the band down. We want them to be mobile as can be, they'll need to cover lots of ground to satisfy their hungry fanbase. From the sound of it, they could roll over all bands in their way !
  8. The silohuette's make it kinda hard to tell who's who, except for Jason. How do you know that's not Otis front and center with his hair straightened out ? Could be you know ?
  9. That's it ! The remaining Zeppelin members are joining with the only remaining Temptations member, Otis Williams, to form a new band. Led to Confusion !! Right on !!!!!!!!!! It's clear now, not at all confusing.
  10. That's the ticket(s) ! Oh, 2 for me please.
  11. Do you think they'd do Train kept a Rollin' or Happening Ten Years Time Ago ? And I don't mean with Jimmy on bass, Jack could do that ! He's so ignored.
  12. It doesn't take a twink to appreciate the good feeling of a drum fill. Grins and frowns come and go, but if you're an idiot, that can't be helped. Keep on getting that fillin' !
  13. I was in the Akron, Ohio area a few years ago and considered going by the HoF in Cleveland. I never made it, but would enjoy being there for this event. Maybe if Eric's invited he can bring his buddy Jack Bruce to jam. I'm sure he'd love to be onstage with Jimmy Page and the reunited Yardbirdist's.
  14. 10 degrees F. There's actually school closings here tomorrow because of the cold. What a bunch of pussies !! It's not to save energy, but because they're worried about the school children in the 0 degree weather of the morning. PUSSIES !!!!!!!!
  15. As a puppy, and as a guarding adult, My friend did these paintings.
  16. The voices of many carry the voice of one Lots more people here have opinions of talent objectivity, not subjectivity alone, and with your proclamations of "there is NO best", the choir is unshaken. The power of many, supercedes that of one. Sorry. By the way, your text is very easy to read. Are you doing a write-up with color #000000 as your enabling HTML code so your posts stand out? I assume it's not because of macular degeneration.
  17. Careful ! In some parts that thing will get shot at. Furry little creatures don't stand a chance out in the country. Personally I LOVE fur. I'd be rubbing my hat all day.
  18. Thanks also to Ross for helping my Alzheimer moment. Hope you had binoculars Mr. Smith, and that's funny about Mr. T, drums, that suits him-that brawny fella.
  19. Very nice. Were you fairly close to the stage? 300,000 people is a hell of a lot to see past. Criminy!!! I'm glad my memory close to accurate anyway. I thought it was D.C. like SuperDave mentioned but it was Philly huh ? What did Mr. T do, play the tambourine? Or just shake his gold medallion necklaces for percussive effect ?
  20. I believe you're right...maybe for the 4th of July celebration, the James Watt thing or something like that.
  21. Doing well at work and getting 5 good appointments which translates into $$$$ One person I just couldn't speak with was named Latella Dickey. What kind of parent would name their daughter that? She probably was one of those Fannie Mae recipient's anyway, a bad lead.
  22. SteveAJones. Can you tell me why they bake tapes ? Is it because of the fragile nature of old tape physically or the magnetic information on it that gets miscued or jumbled ? I'm going to guess it's because of the tension the tape receives with repeated playbacks during remixing and/or remastering. Could it also be to hold the magnetic particles together ? I know old tapes 'shed', so, can you explain it ? Thank you.
  23. Sure it can, ask any reknown composer/conductor that discriminates and is able.
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