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  1. A few of my old school favorites would be Curtis Mayfield James Brown Ray Charles,Elvis, Plant,Steve Marriott , ,Lennon,John Fogerty,Ian Gillan, Dio,Phil Lynott too many too name really,
  2. I have had the pleasure of seeing Eddie live a few times and he never disapoints.
  3. who is glenn hughes touring with now? And I apologize to everyone for not putting this topic in the proper forum,I am new to this site and to the internet in general,so please give me a free pass just this once
  4. Most of the bands I enjoy have a great singer. From Iron Maiden to Patsy Kline,I enjoy all types.I am curious to see which vocalists you all enjoy,and why do you dig them?
  5. I like Maynard Keenan from Perfect Circle / Tool. But he may be too wierd for even Jimmy.Gifted singer ,though.
  6. The T rex Electric Warrior album is doing it for me this morning.I also heard Rush live in Rio playing "the Pass" which is rather depressing but still top notch.
  7. had no choice this year,got a late start due to circumstances in the spring.but oh yes I know when it's time .
  8. I don't know how he is regarded in the UK or elsewhere,but in the states Mark Bolan and T rex are hardly played or mentioned in music discussions. To me they were top notch.
  9. how about ""The 'Get Back'Mud Flaps featuring Yosemite Sam". I would camp out for tickets .
  10. I always treat my 'ladies' well .and they treat me well too. no frost til mid november this yr.....
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