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  1. I think it all comes down to personal taste in the end - I think there are some outstanding features on CODA that add to the Zeppelin catalogue to great effect I love HOTH - in my opinion the 3 opening tracks represent the peak of Zeppelin's sheer brilliance and diversity
  2. Good post - every word delivered in the correct manner - common sense and respect throghout My contribution - I'm bored with the whole saga, rigor mortis has set in Whoever is advising Zeppelin on their marketing/media strategy needs to be fired now I'm a fan with over 30 years under my belt but I'm at a point whereby I'm past caring The public exchanges are somewhat embarrasing and the lads should keep their mouths shut and get on with it so in summary 1 - Zepp reform with Plant - fine 2- Zepp reform without Plant and use the name - fine 3 - Zepp reform without Plant a
  3. I'm so bored with all of this "will they-wont they" and if so "with whom" shit... Im starting to fall out with the whole Zeppelin idea Get it sorted - shut the f%$k up and get playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I think the question is - Does anyone give a hoot what Burnett and Krauss think on the subject?......I dont
  5. You make me sound desperate my friend! I would enjoy it obviously - but the tedium of the process has almost gotten me to a place where I'm not bothered. Fact is Jimmy will be out there gigging again and thats good enough for me - he and Robert will always be stronger together than apart. My view is purely calling it as I see it - when it happens Percy will be there, thats what I think no more-no less
  6. I love the version from Knebworth 4/8/79 and was blessed to be there However for me the outstanding delivery was at the oft maligned first night of the Copenhagen Warm-up gigs July 79 Jimmy's solo on the night makes it! - sheer brilliance
  7. Pleased we agree on that - Robert strikes me as one of the almost dictionary definitions of "ever onward" if you get my drift. The idea that he will propose, let alone take, a 2 year sabbatical (singing-recording-touring...whatever) at this time is sheer tomfoolery by Plant Additionally, the concept of Percy picking up for another round with Krauss or gravitating to SS whilst the JJJ's hit the road is equally beyond comprehension and possibility in my opinion Conclusion........... It's a game and it will result in a reformed Zeppelin with Plant at the turn of the year-ish
  8. Maybe I just got more cynical over the years - but the onging media tripe has gotten right on my nerves for best part of a year now Zeppelin never needed this type of hype in the halcyon days and probably less so nowadays I remain totally convinced that Zepp will hit the road next year with Plant - the statement he made regarding "2 years off"makes no sense to me It's all part of the game....tedious and boring but maybe a sign of the times - some unquenchable ego's to satisfy perhaps!
  9. I just don't think Jimmy and JPJ will do a 50% Zeppelin Myles Kennedy is being touted here and there, Just can't see Led Zeppelin without Robert...it just would not be right for so many reasons
  10. I saw The Firm a few times live and they were superb - Jimy was a bit gone but overall they were great live, however the 2 albums were very poorly produced and did themno justice at all Coverdale-Page excellent album and the songs were top notch; so Coverdale Page for me by some distance
  11. Was fortunate enough to be at first Knebworth date, would love to have seen them in '73 or '77 USA However for a single gig I'd go for Zurich '80
  12. As pointless threads go - this has to be king Utter mindnumbing stupidity on Achilles level status So.. after quarter of a century of NOT being Led Zeppelin, Page-Plant-Jones-Bonham(jnr) regroup and after much soul searching and no doubt some difficult moments decide to go for it So.. the suggestion is that they should reform Led Zeppelin---but not be Led Zeppelin!!?? I have never read such bollocks in all of my life
  13. http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.d...ENE04/304200003 http://www.courier-journal.com/apps/pbcs.d...Params=Itemnr=1 Percy back on the boards
  14. If thats the case " the latter, ie part of the game" would seem to be the case, either that or time is a healer
  15. The thought that Zeppelin take Glastonbury is beyond me. Ticketing troubles would be back at the top of the agenda. No way the demand could even begin to be satisfied - 3 nights, massive venue is the best idea
  16. I dont dispute the faith/confidence/70's bit - and I think you misunderstand me. My point is directly aimed at post Zeppelin days. I'll explain, "a leech in the slipstream" = sold the lads out with tales of worldwide pillage that pissed them off hugely. The "part of the game" reference considers the possibility that Cole was a willing participant in Zeppelins marketing campaign and his comments and the publications he aided were ok with them. Im sure the former is the case, but if thats true-how the hell did he get in to the VIP area of O2!?
  17. Jesus; the full answer would take years and a number of volumes-but striaght off the cuff, Zeppelin have been a part of my life for over 30 years. The music has been a comfort in my low times and has added to the thrill of the highs, either way it's always been there and has never let me down. The individuals concerned and the moments their collective talents have produced are most precious and greatly loved
  18. Percy once described Cole as "luggage" - Hard to tell if that was meant to be as derisory as it sounds in the light of his apparent invite into the VIP area. A leech in the slipstream-or part of the game? ... tough call
  19. I remember the radio interview...." I wept..I honestly wept"
  20. Good info-but does anyone know what Percy thought about the delivery of Stairway as an instrumental?
  21. I only ever went to see one, Whole Lotta Led and thats cos they played so close to where I live it wouldve been almost rude not to go and take a look. They were very good indeed and I enjoyed it-but the whole tribute thing is not for me personally. That said, I have to say the Japanese guy Jimmy Sakurai is phenomonal-that would be well worth seeing
  22. Post Zeppelin early 80's Jimmy played STH as an instrumental at the ARMS gigs, Ive seen very little of Roberts opinion of the versions. That must have been a conflict because at the time he was constructing his solo career and avoiding the past at all costs. When he first heard it and what was his reaction?
  23. Dunno - but the synergie on your post between your avatar and photo are conclusive proof that time rolls on but genius settles in the same pose
  24. The strength of Zeppelin was always the depth of material at their disposal It mustve been a tough job putting shows together, as time progressed it obviously got harder and the balance between showcasing new material whilst performing classics too mustve been almost impossible. I reckon the only way forward is 7 hour sets......and 2-3 hours of encores
  25. I would imagine that it was an emotionally charged, even trumatic at times, evening for Robert especially-more than the others. It must have been almost like bearing his soul and very being with the world looking on. Those words, those songs delivered under the unashamed Zeppelin banner. Without his great friend but in the company of his son. A great night-but I would also say a roller coaster for Robert
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