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    Led Zeppelin,obviously.<br />Music from 50's specially blues and psychodelic rock;to nowadays like Black, Viking, Power and Melodic.<br />I love to read and play bass guitar, also practice sports like mountain bike and grass boarding.
  1. JokerneckQ







  2. Great jobs, incredible!!!!!
  3. Really really cool video, I think is the first time I see Jimmy playing an air guitar, always he has a real on his hands!!!
  4. 40 years of GLORY, Led Zeppelin was made to eternity!!!
  5. I always call it IV when I talked with no fans of Zepp, but our friends and I call it Untittled.
  6. has not set their status

  7. It's a great car The Song Remains The Same, a great movie And Bonzo........ The best Drummer in the Universe!!!
  8. I can understand how people like that can say comthing like that!!!!! If this guy cuold have any idea what is he talking about can know that they are a band who BORN DEAD!!!!!
  9. I think they'll have a great sound: Bonzo (Drums) Kai Hansen and Page ( Guitars) Jones ( Keyboards) Timi "Grabber" Hansen ( Bass ) Ralf Scheepers (Vocals)
  10. I don't like to watch movies at all, but I saw some Colombian movies that show the true of people who kill people for money: Rosario Tijeras ( Bloody Scissors ) La virgen de los sicarios ( Our Lady of the Assassins ) Perro come Perro ( Dog Eat Dog )
  11. A home made really really big Banana Split
  12. Some days ago I saw a disturbing movie "The Devils Rejects" it was written and directed by Rob Zombie, ex-singer of White Zombie, the movie is terrible but the soundtrack is really good and the finish theme is Free Bird of Lynyrd Skynyrd.
  13. Robert has not equal!! I like Mike because he is full of energy, he is like a Twister and look like nothing can stop him!!!
  14. They're ok?? Who can said that??? Unbelievably, this kind of people come into the side because they no have nothing to do........
  15. I vote 2, because Led Zeppelin no needs fashion like others. They are who they are, yesturday, today, tomorrow a,d forever!! AMEN
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