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  1. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were the best of friends and Robert had to go and leave the band. :[ I'm gonna miss you guys being together!!!!!
  2. Theres a tribute band to Led Zeppelin and it's called Virtual Zeppelin. I don't think they could ever pass as Led Zeppelin when they're not singing. or playing,but the music they play ARE Led Zeppelin songs and they actually sound somewhat like the real Led Zeppelin. :] Here's a code for youtube of Virtual Zeppelin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Un9Nf2BHco
  3. I love Robert Plant,he's so hot and he's defiantly my role model.
  4. Slater


    if you want to have an IM version of ledzeppelin.com all you have to do is... type in Gabbly.com/ledzeppelin.com into your toolbar.
  5. oh,and i got a new electric guitar last week,and i finally learned how to play Black Dog. :]
  6. 1.)getting to see my boyfriend today. 2.)findind out that i get to go to my boyfriend's house tomorrow at 11:00 3.)listening to Black Dog. :] (listening to Black Dog makes me happy for some reason,it get's me kinda horny.)
  7. Im only 13 and I'm a HUGE fan,my favorite song is Black Dog,and my favorite quote from Black Dog is,"Hey,hey baby when you walk that way,watch your honey drip,can't keep away." :] I am in love with led zeppelin. Robert Plant is my role model,even if he is on/was on drugs,i am because he was/is.
  8. Basicly he did leave because Page is trying to get Steven Tyler to be the new singer for Zeppelin.
  9. I miss Robert already. :[ ROBERT PLANT I LOVE YOU,YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL!!!! even if he is on drugs,i am cuz you were!!! Robert your sooo hot and i wish i were older and get to marry you! I think im truly in love with you!
  10. I have no clue what you mean,but I think it's good. :/ (hopefully)
  11. :[ That's kind-uh a stupid reason to leave the band...although John Bonham was AWESOME Robert shouldn't have left,it's not gunn-uh be the same without him. :[
  12. Soo://why did Robert Plant leave Led Zeppelin? Like Jimmy Page is going to destroy the Zeppelin name and try to find a new singer. :[ WE'LL MISS YOU ROBERT!!!
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