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  1. Cool I'm on the train now, should be getting to u sq in about an hour. Hopefully it doesn't build up too much by then!
  2. Hey for those attending the b&n event tomorrow, what time are you getting there in the morning?I'm not sure how early will be early enough to secure myself a wristband!
  3. I'm off next Tuesday, I'm so totally stalking MOMA and Ziegfeld like a crazy fangirl...Robert walked past me outside the Beacon a few years ago and that was amazing in itself but if I get to see him, JPJ, and Jimmy (especially) in the flesh, together, I just may die.
  4. I saw "The Monkees" this past Friday. They put on a good show!
  5. I'm so jealous, I love QOTSA! I saw them back in March, it was amazing, I really hope they come play a show by me again soon. But anyway, I'll be seeing Paul McCartney at Yankee Stadium on July 13th!
  6. Nope, we had to leave about 15 minutes before the show ended.
  7. I got back from the show a little while ago, it was really good! Robert walked right past me when he arrived at the theatre and I almost died lol and then I got to say hi to Buddy when he came out a little while after so that was cool. I had a good time!
  8. So my parents and I were watching tv last night and we tuned in for the top 5 most shocking moments. VH1 revised the list now, making Michael Jackon's death number one rather than John Lennon's. Now I love MJ and was very upset when he died (I cried and all) but I do not think his death was more shocking than John's. I mean, I was shocked when I first heard about MJ's death but let's be real, the guy was pretty messed up so him dying the way he did wasn't absolutely unfathomable. I wasn't around when John was killed but even I think his death was more shocking. He was murdered so sensele
  9. Me (left) and my friend at a concert a few weeks ago! You can't really see me but I got excited when I saw this in the window! lol, this was taken at The Sound Garden in Baltimore.
  10. YEESSSSSS FOR THE BEACON! Aw, that was where I saw Robert for the first time 5 years ago!
  11. Alice Cooper - Yes Beastie Boys - No Bon Jovi - Ok Chic- No Neil Diamond - YES Donovan - Yes Dr. John - Yes J. Geils Band- Ok LL Cool J - No Darlene Love - Ok Laura Nyro - Ok Donna Summer -Ok Joe Tex - Yes Tom Waits - Ok Chuck Willis - Yes
  12. Minus Yoko's annoying screeching, I really love this performance!
  13. I went to Central Park today to see the LENNONYC documentary and it was great. He was such a lovely person and I get choked up just thinking about what happened to him. There are so many songs of John's that I love, it makes me sad that I'll never be able to see him. He was such a brilliant musician and it's such a shame that he was taken from us too soon. I'm sure he had much more beautiful music inside of him that we'll never get to hear but the music he did make during his short time on earth is legendary and some of the best music of all time.
  14. Yeah that looks totally photoshopped lol.
  15. This is since 2007. Paul McCartney would be next, I've seen him 3 times lol. My first show of his was in 2002. Oh and I've seen Clapton 3 times, first show was in 2008.
  16. "You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)" - The Beatles
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